• Dear Emanuel,
    Your article was very interesting, and I enjoyed learning more about the background of people in New York. I go to Buffalo to visit family, and this made me reflect on the people that I interact with there.
    Hearing your Mom’s story about coming to NYC was very moving. Coming to a new country and giving up your old life to help y…[Read more]

  • The promise of housing for all is one of the essential values we hold as Americans. In Evicted, by Matthew Desmond, this is explored through vignettes about the lives of private market renters in Milwaukee,

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    Hi Oscar,
    I really liked how you broke down the actual intent behind many of the acts and laws that tried to stop immigration. Many of these acts (like the Chinese Exclusion Act) are talked about in our history classes, but we don’t always go over their effects and impacts on the average American. I think many of these immigration…[Read more]

  • When the constitution was written, our Founding Fathers knew nothing of the change that was going to be brought by the next couple hundred years. America grew into a nation that was one of the first to protect

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  • Hi Phill,
    I found this article very interesting. I already knew about TOR and other similar browsers, but wasn’t sure about how they worked or their intricacies. I thought it was cool how the TOR browser is built onto Firefox– I didn’t know that. I also found it interesting how you said not to use browser plugins or open downloads while TOR is…[Read more]

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