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    What we can do to help stop gun violence

    In the article "Gun Violence Must Stop. Here's What We Can Do to Prevent More Deaths" It talks about how we can help in stopping any further damage. In this text the central idea is stopping death due to...

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  • Dear Miguel A,’
    Your post made me think of all the negative side that the police is doing. It also made me think is recording the police brutality the only thing we can do as an individual to help in stopping in further damage done by police brutality. Something I wonder if any of police violence happen in the past and we haven’t…Read More

  • Dear Yahir,’
    Your post made me think about the different views people posses over the matter of owning a gun. It also made me think if in the future should I own a gun in order to be able to protect my household in the future. Something I wonder is well there be a time where America is safe enough that we don´t need to own a…Read More

  • Dear Yahir,’
    Your post made me think that we really need background checks since 54% of deaths are due to suicide and 43% are homicides. I also thought that it was crazy that so many people had died due to suicide in 2021. Something I wonder is what are you going to do if the government decides not to do anything about gun…Read More

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    Gun Control

    In the article "Gun Control Explained" by Max Fisher, the central idea is to inform what gun control is and the effect it has. In support of their central idea, the author writes “ gun control — a...

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What we can do to help stop gun violence

Gun Control

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