• I wrote this poem because I wanted to show  how much i love and appreciate my mom because of all the work that she has done for us.



    when I think of sacrifice,

    i think of my mom.

    a powerful w

    • I can connect to this quote because I know that parents wake up at 5am and work till 7pm, to keep us fed and happy. Nice job writing this quote in a way that most people can relate too!

  • This shadow box represents who I am. I added images that represent my Nationality and things that I like to do. I put a world with differents countries because I like cultures, I like to search about differents

    • Hello Roberto,
      Im very impressed by your shadow box. I like the picture of the flag showing your nationality and how much room it takes up showing how important it is to you. I don’t know if that was intentional or not but either way I like it. Keep up the hard work.

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