• The  project was about school shootings in school we was focusing on how many people have died in these past years because of guns in school, and about peoples opinion about the topic here at Life Academy,

  • I kinda agree with your poem and disagree so i’m in the middle because some people or “homeless” ask for money but most of them don’t use it for for a good thing like buy food, but they use it for buy drugs and to continue doing their addictions, which is not going to help them even if we give them a lot of money they are going to continue with…[Read more]

  • thank you for reading my blog, look forward to hearing back!

  • Dear yasmin i can tell you put a lot of work on your blog and that you did a very good research. I agree with you that ¨Others might say that at the end of the day that the police officer still serve the community no matter what but our community want to be served with respect and hoping we won’t be harmed. The Oakland police need to look at ba…[Read more]

  • Dear Anahi my name is Roberto and to start i really like your post, i can tell you put a lot of effort on it.Your article makes me feel sad because immigration is a very sensitive theme. One sentence you wrote that stands for me is. “And their children would probably be affected as well because they’ll see everything that’s going on with their…[Read more]

  • Do you think it’s fair that students are being served Pre-pack  food and not have the choice or option for fresh cooked food? With no good school meals students are going to have a hard time being focused, and th

    • I really like what you wrote about because lot of kids don’t eat at school because of the school food and it really affects students because students need food to be able to focus at school but food they like because if there is no food that they like they won’t eat.

    • Dear Robert

      I Agree with how you started because kids shouldn’t eat pre-packed food it should be cooked and ready for them. It’s Also an amazing way to started because you grabbed people’s attention to keep on reading. I also agree with you because people complain on how tired they are but it’s because they don’t eat breakfast but also it because the food the school offers isn’t good which makes them less focused and not able to learn throughout the day. Something interesting that I learned is that elementary lunch cost less than secondary lunch. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you do have a point in your writing and know how to get a reader’s attention.

    • Dear Roberto,

      I like your blog “OUSD School Meals”, because you talk about how it is important that people eat good food in school or they won’t be focused in their classwork. One sentence that stood out to me is when you wrote “Additionally, some students receive free lunch or reduced lunch, but still they would rather not eat than eat something that tastes bad. Or they waste the little money they have on chips and things at the liquor store which is not healthy”. This stood out to me because I know that many people can relate to this and rather eat any junk food than what they serve at the schools. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

  • I wrote this poem because I wanted to show  how much i love and appreciate my mom because of all the work that she has done for us.



    when I think of sacrifice,

    i think of my mom.

    a powerful w

    • I can connect to this quote because I know that parents wake up at 5am and work till 7pm, to keep us fed and happy. Nice job writing this quote in a way that most people can relate too!

  • This shadow box represents who I am. I added images that represent my Nationality and things that I like to do. I put a world with differents countries because I like cultures, I like to search about differents

    • Hello Roberto,
      Im very impressed by your shadow box. I like the picture of the flag showing your nationality and how much room it takes up showing how important it is to you. I don’t know if that was intentional or not but either way I like it. Keep up the hard work.

    • Hi Roberto,
      I like the way you include an image that shows different flags. Your shadow box really represents who you are. I wonder why you put a bird photo in your box. Great job on your work!

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