• Dear Oakland Teenagers who want to make a change in gun violence in the community.

    We are writing to you because we want you to know about gun violence in Oakland. We hope that after reading this letter you

    • Dear, Robert i am touched by this and all your data. I know gun violence can be frustrating and sad. I love how you took the effort to make a post about it and your thoughts on this. You did good. I look forward to seeing your future posts.

  • Dear Maribel P i think your post was amazing because i got to learn that kp helps students with their medical pathways. A line that stood out to me was “Many students who participate in these internships get the opportunity to gain experience not only in careers but also in college preparation” because medical pathways get to help students get to…[Read more]

  • According to Church Angels’ directory, there are over 313 Churches in Oakland (ChruchAngel.com).this source is credible because Churches are building used for public Christian worship. can help people feel more s

    • Roberto,

      I agree that churches help bring together the community and help people realize the diversity in the different churches. Also that you don’t have to be a certain race to believe in a certain religion. One sentence you wrote that stood out for me was: “These events are Jubilant for the community because since it helps bring people come together by singing, praying, and talking.” You also mentioned acceptance and how the church accepting the differences of different people in their religion creates a strong bond towards the church and the people. Another sentence that stood out for me was: “Churches can help people feel less depressed and feel more empathy.” Churches help the people feel better and uplift themselves and making them feel like a better person. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

    • Dear Roberto,

      I feel like you’re wrong about your post. One sentence that stood out to me was “Churches can help people feel less depressed and feel more empathy.” This stood out to me because it is true that it helps with depressed people and give them reasons why it’s okay to be that way sometimes. However, one thing I disagree with was that how you said churches bring communities together. I disagree with this because many people decide to not go to church because they have no time or other reasons. Have you ever thought about if people don’t go to church? How would church bring people together if some people decide not to go to church?

    • Dear Roberto,

      I feel intrigued about your post “Churches in Oakland” One sentence that stood out to me was, “To illustrate, Skyline United Church of Christ discusses how everyone is welcome inside the church and how they are not going to be judged.” This stood out because you are really putting churches in a good light and that really helps your argument. However one thing I disagree with is the idea that churches are inclusive to all, I acknowledge that you realized most catholic churches do no accept LGBTQ people, but I still think that this detail really puts a dent in your argument and is hard to cover up or still have your argument be strong. Have you thought about better explaining why some people would not be welcomed in churches.

    • Dear Roberto, first of all it is really cool that you have actually put your work into this blog and i want to agree on the fact that catholic churches accept all people no matter what and that brings joy to those who actually feel negative and to pray to god for a better future. Also that those who are feeling down and damaged by others, they may need someone to talk to about it and to recuperate from it.

  • i like your BEANS and RiCE

  • The objects in this Shadow Box represent Dominant Narratives. When people see me they see a drug dealer, alcoholic, and fugitive. While these Dominant Narratives may be seen everywhere on people It’s not true. I

    • I am surprised for your work is so beautiful. My favorite thing is your photos.

    • Hi Roberto! My names Briana Estrada, I’m a college student at San Jose State University. I really enjoyed reading your Shadow Box! I think this was a great project to express yourself and let your peers get a look into your life. I’m also hispanic so I could relate to some of the things you were talking about. I understand some people view hispanics in a negative perspective but as a community we should shine light on our culture. Also, you should be very proud you are bilingual! It will be very useful once you get to college. I’m glad you shared personal aspects of your life for someone like me to view. Thank you Roberto!

    • Hey Roberto, I am a college student at SJSU.
      I enjoy reading about your shadow box because you are showing and explaining who you are as a person and not what other people seem to think. I enjoy learning about you, such as how you include a skateboard, legos, and Pokemon cards, to show that you are unique. I found that you added how some people would view you as someone with more power because you are male and a bilingual. Another thing that I like was that you included how the objects in your shadow box represent parts of how you struggled and how you learned from those struggles.

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