• Hi, Youth Voices! My name is Abby Henry, and I am a Senior at Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio (1 hour South of Cleveland). I went to the Women’s March on Washington and I would like to share about my

    • Abby way to go! From Mexico, to Ohio, to D.C. – we are all connected!

    • I think that the woman’s march was very important and there should be more. They were very powerful and we need to stand up for woman’s rights. The messages that the people were trying to say is that we are all humans ,and we all have rights. The people thought that there should be equality. I agree with that and feel strong about woman’s rights.

      • Rachell, it’s awesome that you feel that way. There will be many more marches in DC and locally. There is going to be a march for science, climate change, immigrants, and lgbtq+ rights.

    • I like how you added two videos that show two people saying inspiring thing. They also really care about women rights so they shared what they thought about it

    • Abby I am inspired by your post because it really is amazing how you did all of these things to support our people crammed in a car for 7 hours, but it was all worth it. Thanks for sharing your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next time because your work is really amazing, and it inspires me a lot.

    • Abby I like how you brought two videos to give hope and I like how you made an essay about this.

    • Abby you have inspired me. The women march is a very powerful march, because it brings lots of people together. Sop others can hear what we have to say. I also think they should be more marches, because with more marches, and more people lots of more people would be able to hear us. Also would have their own oppinion. I look forward on what you will write next time. Cause I think your writing is very powerful, and you have lots of things tho say that can inspire others.

      • Hiromi, thank you for your kind words and your awesome ideas! You can always organize your own marches or there are going to be more coming up. There will be a march for science, for immigrants, for lgbtq+ rights, and for climate change.

    • I like how you told us that you and your best friends and and your mom went on a road tipped to Washing D.C

    • Dear Abby,

      I’m inspired that u posted this. Your writing makes me think that women have a voice Thank you for sharing your writing I”m looking forward for your next writing.

      • Priscilla, thank you so much. It means a lot to me that I can share my voice and make an impact.

    • I like how you were willing to stand for hours so then you can march for what you wanted. I really like the story. Keep on believing, Abby!

    • Abby, this is a great post. Thanks for sharing it, and for all your hard work during the election and ongoing. It is a hard time for many us right now, but only because we care about our country and all the people in it. Keep up the good work!

      (PS Here is a picture of me at the Phoenix march: https://twitter.com/kfasimpaur/status/822932785295933440
      It was SO AMAZING!)

      • Karen, that is amazing! I love your posters. It’s so great to see people from all over getting involved in the same cause.

    • Ellen, I love that you went to a local march! Maybe someday we will cross paths in our action and activism.

  • See us on the “A Day in a Girl’s Life” map, and see other links under the Call to Action link on the menu bar.

    • First off, well done using the videos, it made your post so much more interesting and engaging. With that, it is really cool to hear actual people and see what they actually do on a day to day basis. But I do think we need to place a much higher educational value in the lives of people not just in Sierra Leone, but all over the world, these girls in Sierra Leone do provide us with an example of how a lack of educational emphasis can effect one’s life.

      • Ryan, I wholeheartedly agree! Students all over the world struggle every single day in many different ways. That is exactly why we are so excited for this video project. Please encourage people from all over to submit “A Day in the Life of a Girl” video so we can use these videos as an educational tool. Thank you for your interest and wonderful thoughts!

    • This videos were very moving, and really gets you to appreciate that we have such a great education system in the United States, and that we have so many opportunities. Great use of the video, and thank you for enlightening me on what is going on in Sierre Leone.

      • Alex, thank you for your interest! I feel so lucky with the opportunities that I am given everyday and I feel so passionate about helping others to, at least, have the opportunity to stay in school!

    • We are excited! After our Art Fair we have over 45+ awesome clips to send for the film festival in Texas to work with – exciting!

  • This rape epidemic is awful, no matter where it is. I hope soon people will learn to respect other people’s boundaries and other genders. This article is so important to spark a conversation about an often ignored topic.

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