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    This was a really incredible piece Ethan! I haven’t read The Hate U Give yet but now I really want to.
    You’re absolutely right, unfortunately. Police violence and brutality is not just a story. It is real. It happens every day. It disproportionately affects people who are black and latino. And nothing is being done to hold the racist attitudes…Read More

  • Quan,
    I did not know that your parents were refugees from the Vietnam War, that is fascinating. And I totally take my advantages for granted too sometimes. I guess it is just nice to have a reality check and a reminder that we are really privileged to live where we do and to have the opportunities that we have. However, we both know that not…Read More

  • Joseph,
    First off, I think that this is a great piece and should be required reading so that people realize that all trans people want is to pee in peace and quiet and to be treated with decency and respect. I also agree with your theory that prejudice is learned. However, it leads me to wonder how one could encourage all young people collectively…Read More

  • Marcus,
    First of all, go you! Keep owning who you are, because, if you rock you, if you wear you proudly, and you own it, there will be people who love you for it. Granted, there will be people who hate you for it too, but that’s just a part of life. To be honest, I wish I had realized that sooner. I am bisexual, I try to own it, and I don’t…Read More

  • Katie,
    First of all, congratulations on being showcased and thank you for this well written and well informed piece. I completely agree with you in saying that people who do not read are saddening and are missing out. When I realize how little I myself have been reading lately, dragged down as I am by schoolwork, extracurriculars, commitments…Read More

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