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I skimmed through all the posts about taking a knee and most of them said taking a knee was okay, but yours is different. I appreciate you for not going with the status quo on social media and speaking against taking a knee. My parents came from a different...

I think babies are absolutely adorable! I definitely think our early years effect who we are today. For example I think the way we are raised forms our beliefs and thoughts. I think you should check out psychology topics that can explain how our early brain development effect us....

Thomas, I also feel strongly about the racial issues that the NFL players are protesting. However I think it would surprise you that most people actually don't feel the same way about whether or not taking a knee during the anthem is appropriate. A recent poll showed that, "According...

Rim, your topic of research is a very big issue in our country today. I likes that you had a lot of sources to back up your thoughts on it. Particularly the research on "What people mean when they say all white people are racist" I think if you...

Dear Ammar, I am sorry to hear that this war is effecting you. To be completely honest, I didn't even know that there was a war going on there. I really liked reading your article because it brought to light to me some of the outcomes of the war....

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Does poverty cause crime? View Comment
  • @rlake
  • September 29, 2017

Javier, I really like your insights on poverty and crime. I also have wondered if the two are correlated. I did not know that most people know someone who is poor, and I know someone who is poor as well. This really puts into perspective how poverty is more...

Charlie, I think a lot about this topic and your article gave me new insight on the issue of climate change. I didn't know that one in six species is projected to be extinct by the end of the century. This upsets me because I believe that we need to...

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