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    Is Video Gaming Considered a Sport?

    Video Games have seen a drastic rise in popularity since the late 1970s. With Esport's development of competitive gaming and competitive competitions that promise millions in cash prizes, many are debating if they should be considered a sport. What...

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    • Dear Ritchy,
      I am in agreement with your take in your post, “Is Video Gaming Considered a Sport?,” because the e-sports scene in the video game industry is just as demanding to the players as in a traditional sport. In e-sports teams rely on coaches, training, mechanical skills, and constant strategizing that is not always easy to do for every person.One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I think video games should be considered a sport even though they don’t have any physical contact or movement” I think this is a common misconception because a lot of mechanical skills is required to play certain video games, using and training with a mouse or controller for long periods of day have caused many players to get carpal tunnel and could end their careers at times even in their youth.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the e-sports scene is ever growing and I believe it will continue to grow expanding in all aspects. Because of this there will be much more to write about and investigate in the industry in the near future.

    • Dear Ritchy,
      I totally agree with the main point on your post ” Is Video Gaming Considered a Sport? “, because the profesional gamers like streamers, gaming teams and all that stuff they all have a designated person exactly like in physical sports like football,basketball,beaseball, etc, that tell them what to do and how they can achieve more on something, etc. One sentence that you use that stands out for me is ” I think video games should be considered a sport even though they don’t have any physical contact or movement because they are seen as competition and anything that has to do with competition is considered a sport ” I think the same way as you because video gaming have to be considered a sport because they train almost everyday to improve their skills like in physical sports, and if chess is considered a sport, why video gaming isn’t .
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to know more in depth about this theme and if in the future video gaming will be considered a sport or not. This world of gaming in general has a lot of information that the people have to know in order to understant how important is gaming for some people.

    • Dear Ritchy:

      I’m pleased to see your stance in your post “Is Video Gaming Considered a Sport?”, because a big argument against video games is that they won’t ever take you anywhere in life and that they’re just time killers. However, in your article, it shows the opposite and nowadays there is a very clear future for more competitive gamers to make a living for themselves. I wholeheartedly agree with you when you wrote “Video games also help with our reflexes, strategic thinking, and attention spans.” Video games are also a big influence with cognitive function, processing speed, and hand-eye coordination. This is a very good topic that will be prevalent to the future, I look forward to what you will write as the competitive video game sphere continues to grow.

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    Pro at 13

    Olivia Moultrie is only 13, but she’s already changing the rules of women’s soccer.  In February, she formally turned pro, signing a contract with a sports agency and endorsement with Nike.  Have you heard of her? Though it has long been common...

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    • Why does this upset me?

      I had a son who I schlepped around the country because he was a nationally ranked tennis player. I saw lots of kids who made the decision (or whose parents made the decision) to leverage athletic ability and forego regular childhood activities (like school, friends, etc.). I found myself having a visceral reaction to this choice. Yet, if I had a child who had the potential to be a concert violinist, would I also want the child to “grow up normal”? Is it sports for me or is it premature decisions that deny children a childhood?

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  • Dear Kutay,
    Your post “Video Games and its benefits” was interesting because I play video games everyday and I never knew they can be beneficial. Something that stood out to me was “As a benefits of video games this website lists some of the things like exercising your brain, problem solving and exercising your body.” This stood out to me…Read More



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