• With a president in office that riles up everyone in the nation, many people let out their true feelings of discrimination. While many groups are targeted, I’ll be focusing on one topic, making LGBTQ+ feel safe i

    • Joseph,
      First off, I think that this is a great piece and should be required reading so that people realize that all trans people want is to pee in peace and quiet and to be treated with decency and respect. I also agree with your theory that prejudice is learned. However, it leads me to wonder how one could encourage all young people collectively to reject intolerant ideas and to have more tolerant attitudes towards any social issue. Perhaps, it will just happen naturally with enough exposure to people who are different than ourselves. Only time will tell.

    • I love the message that you’re trying to get out. You’re very well spoken. I agree that all teens no matter their gender need to feel safe, and I believe it is very unfortunate that our president does not support that idea. Keep speaking up for what you believe in. Great work.

    • Ryan,
      This is a very enlightening article. You did a good job of expressing your opinion and backing your argument with facts. I found the suicide attempt rate among transgender people mentioned in your writing to be alarmingly high, and this was a powerful piece of data that will do a good job of sticking in people’s minds and persuading them towards your argument.

    • Joseph,
      I get such a deep feeling of enjoyment reading this post because of how educated you are on the topic. Most adults don’t even know how important this is to most transgender, let alone the whole LGBTQA+ community. This is a very important matter, abd the fact that an adolescent has written this intelligently is astounding.

      One sentnve I enjoyed thoroughly was “Personally, I’ve had an amazing school and family to help me come to terms with my gender identity. Discovering I was pangender, meaning I identify as all genders and use pronouns he, she, and they, I had a easy time.” This is impotant because not all people are familiar with the pangender identity, so the fact that you included this into your post was extremely inspiring.

      Thank you for writing a post like this and educating people on such an important matter. Hope to see more drom you soon.

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