• Conversion Therapy Should be Banned
    By Emily Rick & Ayla Tulette

    Conversion therapy is a harmful and disgusting act. We believe that the U.S. government should pass legislation criminalizing conversion

    • Dear Emily and Ayla,
      I’m so happy you both decided to write a post about this topic. I absolutely agree that conversion therapy should be banned because it has been ruining many children’s lives who’s family’s don’t except for who they are. I agree with you that “many victims develop mental illnesses that can lead to suicide” It makes me so sad to hear stories of people taking their own lives because of things like this. Everyone should be able to live their lives the way they want no matter what their sexual orientation is.
      Thank you so much!
      ~Taylor Snoddy

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    • I think this is a really great thing to have happened. Preventing forceful conversion therapy is something that we definitely need, especially with the current political climate. Some people say that conversion therapy should be available for people that want to change their sexuality, but that just leads to parents forcing their kids to go through conversion therapy.

  • Cool podcast. I like how you presented the facts and also discussed your opinions of the case. This story is honestly quite incredible. The act of forgiveness is something I value highly. Sasha’s forgiveness and understanding for Richard’s poor actions is inspiring. It probably took great courage for Richard to give such an honest and personal…[Read more]

  • Hey Buddy!
    It is your secret writing pal! ~Emily 😉
    I like the topics of your pieces….Important stuff.
    I hope you have a great weekend! :)))))))
    -Emily Rick

  • Hi Andrew,

    You have an interesting point of view. I’ve heard of arguments for the use of swear words but never in this way. You also have nice depth into your views and a strong voice in your writing. I have to disagree with you however. I believe we should have swear words. Just because they are “bad” they caring more meaning and can spice…[Read more]

  • Hi Zahra!

    Awesome selection of books. I have read four out of five of them and I loved them all. I need a new book so thanks for the suggestion of The Cay. I have never heard of it. I think I will read it next. Your summary skills are great too. And thanks for posting this list. I know a lot of people who don’t like reading but they have to. I…[Read more]

  • Emily commented on the post, Being present 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Miguel,

    This was a great piece. I completely agree with you. I am starting a piece on kindness for my lit class. I strongly believe that kindness is the way to a good life. People so often get distracted by their wants and their technology. Putting that aside and helping one another, even as simple as making someone smile, can change people’s…[Read more]

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    This was a beautiful poem. There was so much meaning and fight in so few words. You have a gift and I hope you continuing writing. I would love to read some more of your pieces. Do you have any tips for writing poetry? I am working on improving mine.

    Thanks, Emily

  • Hi Lula,

    Thank you for sharing your story and point of view. I wish more people would take the time to understand people instead of just placing them into a false stereotype. So many Americans are not educated in what is happening in other countries or just don’t care. That is a sad fact. I hope you know that there are people out there that do…[Read more]

  • Hi Nathan,

    This is story is truly amazing and gives me hope for this world. I appreciate you posting about this. You also did a great job with summarizing the material. It was easy to understand and to the point. Great job! You have caught my attention and made me want to learn more.
    Well done!

  • Hi Talmadge,

    I have suffered from ADD since I was a kid. I had struggled for a very long time but it was overlooked because I was not hyperactive. There are many kids who can “control themselves” but still struggle with concentrating, staying focused on a task, and getting things done. I now currently take a stimulant and it helps me everyday…[Read more]

  • Hi Skylar,

    This is an interesting piece. I am personally against the death penalty and I also see many flaws in the system. I’m a little confused about your quotes. You might want to review citing. In addition, i think you have a great base for strong research paper. I suggest using specific examples to prove your claim. Maybe a specific case…[Read more]

  • Hi Deshya,

    I believe that everything happens for a reason. People are who they are because of what they have experienced, making us all different. I can completely relate to your embarrassing moments. My friends know me for them. But you should own it! I think a lot of people don’t give themselves enough credit for how great they maybe, and only…[Read more]

  • Emily commented on the post, Prove Me Wrong 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Joey

    I really appreciate your take on this topic in your piece. You were honest, and clear about your beliefs. I am also not a Trump fan, but I agree that we should all support him for the betterment of our nation. I truly hope he does prove us wrong. Our country is divided, and I hope to see him show leadership and initiative towards a better…[Read more]

  • Hi Bella,

    I am impressed. Your piece is powerful, honest, and moving. When I was in middle school, the girls were banned from wearing leggings. When we asked why, the gym teachers informed us that the boys were too distracted by them and getting boners in the hallway. THEIR ACTUAL WORDS. That is ridiculous. Schools should be teaching boys to…[Read more]

  • Hi Miguel,

    This is an interesting topic that I would love to explore more. I currently am struggling with my faith. I am Catholic and many things have challenged my belief system. Within the church, I disagree with some of their teachings, specifically about the LGBTQ community, and rape culture. It is also hard to be apart of a group where…[Read more]

  • Hi Annika,

    You have a great writing style! Your descriptions were nicely put and painted a nice picture. I can relate to the Christmas cookies and songs. My family also shares many traditions such as decorating together. I think traditions really bring families together and I hope to create more as I get older. You seem like you really have…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    I personally am someone who has Attention Deficit Disorder. I have found that stimulants, such as adderall have helped me a lot. Before I got the prescription, I had to go through testing to confirm that I had ADD. I am pretty sure most doctors do not prescribe without the testing. I think the increase of prescriptions is due to the increased…[Read more]

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