• Callie,
    as a person who knows absolutely nothing about what you are going through, I can appreciate what you’re bringing to the table here. I like how your personal experiences bring some warrant with them and they strengthen your argument. Congratulations on a wonderful start and I’m looking forward to hearing you research.


  • With being one of the biggest money making industries, comes a price. Racism in sports is just a topic that has flown under the radar for too long. Not enough people are aware of the issue itself, because it is

  • “Some nights I went to bed hungry.” Napier exclaimed. “Napier told reporters: ‘We as students athletes get utilized for what we do so well, and we’re definitely blessed to get a scholarship to our universit

  • Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

    My name is Collyn Richardson. I am a 17-year-old African-American boy from Lansing, Michigan. I want you to notice that hyphen I used to describe my ethnicity, this is something that you

    • Wow collyn this is great! I completely agree with you. This is a topic of great importance. Very well written, I hope this next president will make a change in racial inequality.

  • Thirty percent of women have people have committed a murder by the age of 45. That’s three of every ten women have had an abortion by age 45 according to plannedparenthood.org. This issue has been debated fr

    • I personally think that abortion is bad and should be illegal. It’s not the baby’s fault that the parent can’t take care of the baby so why should the baby have to die. I think the parent should avoid abortion and give it up for adoption. Thank you kevin for the information you provided.

    • Dear Kevin,
      I like and agree with what you said in your post. You make a very valid point about abortion being wrong and inhumane. Your post was very well written and I appreciate someone who is willing to show their views about this difficult subject.

    • Dear Kevin,
      You bring up an interesting topic, and I agree with you. Abortion really is, in my opinion, wrong. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but sometimes it is strange to think that this topic has become such a large debate. I think adoption is a much better option when compared to abortion. However, I am not a female, so perhaps I do not understand the full magnitude of this situation. This is just my opinion on the matter. Thanks for your post!
      Rylan Rawson

    • Dear Kevin,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, however this is much more than a black and white issue. You fail to mention women who are most likely going to die if they don’t terminate their pregnancy, or women who are raped and are carrying their rapists baby. I respect your opinion and thoughts, but I also believe that women should be able to choose what’s best for them and their own bodies. If you don’t like abortions don’t get one, but women should be given the option to choose.

    • Dear Kevin,
      While I understand that abortion is a controversial topic, I don’t think it is fair to make the claim that 30% of women “have committed murder” by the age of 45. I think you have made you position on the issue quite clear, but it seems rather judgmental. As a woman, I value my ability to choose to have an abortion or not should that situation present itself in my life. I think this issue is not as cut and dry as you have made it out to be, so I would urge you to look into the other sides of this argument before you accuse so many people of murder.

  • Legendary. You must have done something right. In your glory days, the good ol’ times, the “When I was your age,” type deals. What you did will be known, and talked about for generations to come. The legacy you

    • Dear Kevin,
      I am intrigued with your writing on legends. One thing that you said that stands out to me is, ” With you, me, and all the rest of the legends all at one table never speaking of it, but all in agreement on where we stand and what we came for. Legends don’t have to speak on what they did, the world already knows.” I think this is powerful because it emphasizes the great achievements and determination it takes to be a legend. If you don’t have to explain what you did to become a legend because the world already knows, you would have to have done some really great things. Your post makes me look forward to reading what you write next because reading this made me feel inspired to not let people get to my head and just keep moving forward.

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