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  • Dear Rosa:
    I am surprised by your post, “Did you have struggles finding a job?,” because it can be really tough to find a job that fits your schedule. And now during a pandemic, it is even tougher. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The epidemic has hit young and old around the world hard, leaving them unemployed.” I think this is…Read More

  • Dear Heidi :
    I am fascinated by your post, “Should Covid Vaccines be Mandatory?,” there are 2 answers, and neither is wrong. It is understandable that many fear the vaccine and what is behind it. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I believe that the vaccine will control the virus and one day everything can go back to norma…Read More

  • Ricardo commented on the post, Trophies

    Dear Juan :
    I am surprised by your post, “Trophies”, because not everyone deserves them all the time. Being the best is different from succeeding. For example, a team can be undefeated, the best in their league, while another successful team only has one loss. The trophy should only go to one of these teams and that is the best.
    One sen…Read More

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    Paid Sick Days For Everyone?

    In the article, “Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?” I learned about how sick days being paid can be beneficial, yet harmful to society. The article quoted Senator Patty Murray (Democrat of Washington) as she explained that paid sick...

    Read More
  • Dear Juan :
    I am fascinated by your post, “Post Office Trouble?,” because I agree that many people depend on the post office for important things as you mentioned. Now, to see the post office in trouble, many people will begin to panic and there will be a huge delay on many things.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “It is frust…Read More

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Paid Sick Days For Everyone?

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