• Dear Sloane, I agree with your claim about personal beliefs being separated from the government because it would have a lot of influence on how laws are made and just things around that. The overall message of your post was to the point and I clearly understood what you were trying to say. Yes, Americans have the freedom religion, press, speech,…[Read more]

  • In Little Fires Everywhere By Celeste Ng, a woman named Bebe Chow gives her child away fearing she cannot afford to care for it. Shortly after, she gets a job and is financially and emotionally stable. She comes

    • hello Rachel
      This is a great story on how import family can be for us and that it’s hard to make the right choices when it means loosing someone for that.

    • Hey Rachel! I love your Article! I believe family is very important and that it should be put before anything else. I think it doesn’t matter if it is a parent, cousin, sibling or friend that you are closest to, but you should surround yourself and be yourself around the people you are closest to. I believe you should be grateful that you have a family or someone that cares for you and watches out for you because some people don’t have that. I think your family shapes who you are so having good relationships with them and being able to talk to them about anything is a really awesome thing. I feel like for your book the biological mom went from not being able to support and then all of a sudden thinking shes ready to take care of her and I think that is only half fair to the child. There is a family that will love and care for the child and give them a good life and it seems a little selfish to want the child back. I understand if you can’t support but it is a huge decision to put them up for adoption. I think the child should have a right to know who mom is and maybe at that point decide to go back but I feel like the mother isn’t ready yet. It happened too fast to believe it.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I liked your article and how you approach to “family” from different ways and different meanings. I also agree that definition for “family” can change from person to person. You can also check this website: https://family.lovetoknow.com/about-family-values/meaning-family.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I loved the fact that you looked at the word family from different viewpoints. Family for me is a group of people I can be myself around. My family makes me feel comfortable. Would you recommend another book that is centered around the meaning of family? Here is a link to another article about the meaning of family, https://www.ncfr.org/ncfr-report/past-issues/summer-2014/what-family which I hope you will enjoy reading.

    • Rachel,
      You made me want to read this book! You’re discussing a topic that I think we often take for granted. We don’t talk about the complications of family enough. Especially when it comes to ideas like biological vs. adoptive family. I like how you’re thinking about these ideas in connection to your book. Good job!

  • When thinking about American culture, I think about what Americans do everyday and what they’re accustomed to. Many Americans have jobs and have to attend school. Sadly, that does not answer the question. What i

  • Lauren, the concept of what it means to be an American is very well explained in your piece. I too, sing the national anthem with respect for our country and the line about the flag still being there is a line that shows we very well deserve our independence. It is amazing that women can have jobs just like men and have the same opportunity to…[Read more]

  • This post was very inspiring and it basically changed the way I think about other people and why they choose to be mean to others, thanks 😉

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