• Hi alex! I agree with what you said in your article and how no matter if it is free to the public, it is going to cost people millions somewhere. College is a very important part of our educational lives and if we hesitate on going we lose that opportunity. It would be amazing if we are able to make it free, but it is 100000000% unlikely that it…[Read more]

  • Hi alex! I 100% agree with what you have said. I think that what you are saying is a real issue because of the unknown factor that is coming with this new virus. The thing that worries people the most is how the virus mght be able to mutate in the future causing it to kill more and more people without us tracking it. This is a very interesting…[Read more]

  • The American Dream is no longer attainable. The wealth gap creates too much division between the rich and poor making it impossible to get ahead. The representation of the top earners helps to show wealth is

    • Hi Riley, I think this is a very important issue that seems to be forgotten most of the time. I really enjoyed how you came up with possible solutions to this problem rather than just stating the issue. Great job.

  • Hey Kutay! After going through all of the posts made by other students this one pulled me in because normally when you hear media talking about video games, they tend to shun the gaming community. I definitely agree with you post because I play video games, like a lot. The connections that I am able to make are very nice. Kids that I meet at…[Read more]

  • The Modern e-cigarette was created in China by a man named Hon Lik in 2003. But not until 2006-2007 did e-cigarettes start hitting the western market. In 2014 e-cigarettes were popping up in almost every single

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    Dear Morgain,

    After reading your article I had multiple thoughts about the article. I am pro life. I believe that every baby whether outside of the womb or inside it is still a human life. Thank you so much for talking about the topic. Most people don’t want to talk about Americas biggest crime and shame.

  • Matt,
    Hey Matt, after reading your YV post about the homework is very interesting. I personally believe that the homework has gotten out of hand. Kids have lifes outside of school and these students are being completely taken over by teachers with unreasonable expectations. Most of my time off of school is spent doing homework at home. I believe…[Read more]

  • The article that I choose is titled “Lightning struck near the North Pole 48 times. It’s not normal.” published August 13, 2019 on National Geographic. This article is about 48 recorded lightning strikes clo

  • Hey Kelsey! I just finished reading your post and I just want to say how amazing it was to hear another person share similar information as me. My first Youth Voices post was about assisted suicide and I haven’t seen one ever sense I posted it. I’m so happy to see other people finding the same topics as interesting as me!

  • Hey Micheal! I just finished reading your essay and what I first want to say is that your title pulled me in immediately. Just like a click-baited YouTube video you were able to say just enough for me to want to read it. Its so cool to hear about how these important people all met up in one location for 1 day to discuss disclosed information!

  • I personally believe that class size does matter. On average there is a teacher to student ratio of 1:22 in the U.S.A.

    My family sends me to private school because the teachers are more dedicated at their job

    • Hello Riley,
      This is definitely an interesting take on the class size question, Many colleges are now asking the same questions. I agree a smaller class size is beneficial in an academic regard but I don’t agree with the small social life claim. Here is an article about the class size problem. https://www.wnyc.org/story/teachers-weighing-class-size-say-over-20-usually-too-big/

      Thank you,

    • HI Reliey!
      I am very agree your opion that class size matter. Class size really matter for the education. If the class size is so big, there is certainly not enough time for teacher care every one. Here is a article I read about class size matter.https://www.hmhco.com/blog/class-size-matters
      Kind regards
      Hanson Hong

    • Riley,
      I think you would find this article interesting discussing more about class size. https://www.hmhco.com/blog/class-size-matters
      I agree with you that smaller class sizes are better because the dedication to a student one on one is important. I think you need to focus more on discussing the pros instead of focusing on the cons of public school. I also went to public school and I think that it is important to have more dedication especially if they are struggling. Public school teachers dedicate themselves to their students just as much as private school teachers- their are always good and bad teachers. At public school if the student catches onto things easily, they do not need the one on one education. I think, however, it is sometimes good to be in a big school because it gives you more drive to work harder because there are more students. Overall an interesting topic, but I think you need to add more, maybe some data.


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    Hey Nereida! I saw your post in the suggested list and noticed the comment you made for your title. I am currently taking a oceanography class at my current high school and it focuses on the carbon foot print we are leaving on our planet. Its nice to see that other high schoolers are recognizing it as well!!! Nice job!

  • Hey Sam! I agree with everything you said in this article. These athletes are putting themselves in danger for long term brain damage if the do so decide to play football, and these players should be paid because of the risks. But on the other hand, these players make the choice to play for the football team. The choice they make can either give…[Read more]

  • The Catholic Church views death as the entryway to a new life with God in heaven. God believes that your life is precious and should not be abused or mistreated. We need to respect our bodies and our minds. We

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