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  • Henry wrote a new post

    Trump's Criticism of The 1619 Project

    Inquiry Question: How does Donald Trump think race should be incorporated in American history and education? Summary of first article by NYT: This NYT article describes Trump’s call to dismantle school curriculum that teaches the 1619 Project, which was done by the...

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    • I find this topic to be fascinating! Based on this post it seems you are still gathering information. What are your thoughts so far?

      Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • Great essay Henry. You really did a good job on portraying Trump’s opinion on the 1619 Project and helped me understand the situation better.

  • Henry commented on the post, Titanic II

    I wouldn’t ride any cruise, ever (pandemic or not). They scare me, so I’d much rather stay home or travel on my own terms. But if I knew that everything would be okay, I would consider going on the cruise because it would be interesting to experience history. I’ve also never seen the movie Titanic, so it’d be cool to watch it on the Titanic.

  • I agree that the electoral college system needs change, whether that be from a new system or more moderate improvements. However, I disagree one thing you said. I think that the popular vote would allow candidates to disregard smaller states and focus on the most populous ones. That would be bad because these states would probably feel…Read More

  • Plastic Bags are a classic dilemma today because of the amount of jobs in the plastic bag industry. You said “it is our job to stop the suffering of our planet’s animals and clean up this mess.” I completely agree. We need to ban plastic bags and a way to support the people who would lose jobs. There’s no other option, because by 2050, if n…Read More

  • “Scientists can get research marijuana from a special farm in Mississippi, which is astonishingly located in the middle of the Ole Miss campus…” This irony represents the lack of concurrence in the US surrounding the marijuana debate. As you said, the science behind marijuana’s effects on people is evolving and therefore unclear to most people.…Read More

  • Henry wrote a new post

    Trump Fights 1619 Project, Advocates for 'Patriotic' Education.

    This NYT article describes Trump’s call to dismantle school curriculum that teaches the 1619 Project, a historical work done by the NYT magazine to tell American history through the experiences of black people. The project examines the effects of...

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