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    I have relatives as well that are part of the LGBT community and they feel like they have a disadvantage in society because everyone looks at them in a different way. People that are gay, lesbian, or transgender do not deserve any other type of treatment besides the treatment everyone else deserves. They are citizens of the US so why are…Read More

  • Public speaking has always been a fear a mine, and a continuous struggle for me so these tips will really help me. And I am sure others as well.

  • Nuong,
    Many people debate and dwindle on the topic of abortion. I don’t support it in anyway, but I do believe that women have the right to choose what happens to their body. I am not saying that abortion is a good thing, because taking the life of a baby is not right, but what I am trying to express is that if a woman feels that aborting the…Read More

  • Fantastic Infrograohic!! Sexism is an issue that take place all over the United States. Most times you think of women when it comes to not having all of the opportunities.You graphic is very pleasing to the eye and gets the point across in a great way!

  • Abinaov, I like how the photographs tie into the topic of your infographic. There is a lot of debate about what we should do to prevent climate change, and the effects of it. This infographic really displays climate change very well.

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