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Starbucks starts to cut waste

Starbucks company produces about 6 billion every year. This adds up to about every human on Earth. Starbucks then announced the complete transition to reusing cups in all of its U.S. and Canadian stores by the end of 2023. Starbucks suggested developing new strategies to eliminate paper cup waste. Customers are able to pay a small deposit to borrow a […]

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Honoring Women in Business

The article, “Women’s History Month: A Visit to the National Parks” helped me learn about their honor in Government, Activism, and Wartime. This helps me understand a trip to Washington D.C. at the ‘Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site’. President Franklin Roosevelt was the first African American woman to hold so high an office in the federal government. […]

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Deadly Floods in Brazil

Rain poured more than usual on the day of February 15, 2022. The descriptions explain the downpour triggering deadly mudslides and flash floods. People were caught in the mess, some damaged many dead. Rescue teams go and search for the missing person, even heavy equipment is hard to get through the mess. Aiding dogs put effort, into digging, and digging […]

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Fake Snow at the Winter Olympics

Due to climate change, the Winter Olympics have been affected. This year’s downhill skiing event was taken on fake snow. Covering an entire mountain with artificial snow is a big job. The process of making fake snow started in November 2021. This allows technicians to create the exact kind of snow for the best certain events. Machine operators can change […]

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Tensions Rising between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine has tried establishing alliances with Western nations. Russia on the other hand has tried to maintain a relationship with Ukraine. In 2014, Russian forces occupied Dubas, a southeastern Ukrainian region that borders Russia. Ukraine’s independent government has resisted Russian annexations. With this being known, there has been a rise in the death of civilians resulting from the conflict between […]

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Honoring MLK

A key leader of a civil rights movements from the 1950’s and 1960’s. King was a minister and used his position right to fight racial inequality. He was known as a powerful speaker who believed in nonviolent resistance. He opened a lot of peoples eyes. He played a key in organizing the Montgomery bus boycott. This was something very helpful […]

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Thanksgiving Traditions

In the article “Thanksgiving Turkey & Traditions”, I learned that the bird ‘Turkey’ was known & to should have been the national bird for the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin thought the Bald Eagle has a bad moral character. In the other half the turkey is seen as a respectable true original bird. Presidents really take their part serious, […]

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Hispanic Heritage: Latina American Writer

From the month of September 15 to October 15, Hispanic heritage month happens in the U.S. Recognizing Julia Alvarez for her book, “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” written 30 years ago. She explains how 4 sisters from the Dominican Republic age in New York City. From a female perspective, it celebrates the experience of immigrants in the U.S. […]

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Space Traveling

If you had the chance to travel to space, would you? In this text, I will describe how space can be scary and how cool it can be. On a mission known as “Inspiration4” during September 2021, 4 CEOs went aboard and were one of the first crew members to orbit Earth. Another person who took off to space was […]

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Coral Reef Climate Change

Coral Reefs are important for the ocean ecosystem and there is reasons to it. But somehow there is a thing where its dying off in a rate. About 14% of the world has lost its coral reefs. An example is, The Great Barrier Reef experiences three mass bleaching events. When a coral reef is gone, the only thing left behind […]

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Is Daylight savings good for the economy?

In this article, “YOU DECIDE: Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent” (McGraw Hill) I learned saving light is good for Americans or so because it provides the needs for us so taking care of it is a huge part. It’s a popular support idea too, in my opinion, I feel like it is too, so I say it is good […]

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StateHood from the D.C.

Washington D.C. Statehood has a topic of and if it should be a granted statehood, and in my part, I suggest that it shouldn’t because its Og and it should remain the same, instead of changing it up. Plus, I read that Maryland does not give permission so therefore I suggest that they should not be in the pros for […]

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