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    Dear Bernard,
    I am cool with your cool “We Are Cool” because it seems so cool the way you sort it out. It makes sense how cool it is to be cool. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is, “is to be genuine good human and respect others cool”. I think this is cool because it’s cool enough to respect others people’s cool. Thanks for…Read More

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    Is Daylight savings good for the economy?

    In this article, "YOU DECIDE: Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent" (McGraw Hill) I learned saving light is good for Americans or so because it provides the needs for us so taking care of it is a huge part....

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    • I can honestly say I never would have thought there was a connection between economy and daylight savings. After reading this along with your article, I have learned that it really does affect the productivity of people and that although I hate the time change, it has positive effects.

    • This is a very interesting article Rene. You made some very good points about the benefits and downsides to daylight savings. I agree that daylight savings is good for the economy, because it keeps the time of day corresponding to a certain level of light, and keeps businesses running more consistently

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    Dear Isaac,
    I am flattered by your work, it’s really interesting, it has a lot of potential work that makes sense, your article, “The “Reality” show” because things got in hand. Things are great and really beautiful. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “This was the first time a true story finished well on a TV show.” I think this i…Read More

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    StateHood from the D.C.

    Washington D.C. Statehood has a topic of and if it should be a granted statehood, and in my part, I suggest that it shouldn't because its Og and it should remain the same, instead of changing it up. Plus,...

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    • Hi Rene, you make some really valid points. Why would making Washington D.C. a state be so controversial? Can you think of any ways this could change things like the presidential elections?

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