• People who go to jail, or are imprisoned, or have any form of a criminal record, will be hindered by said record for the rest of their lives. The US is not very good at allowing people with any form of criminal

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      Hello, my name is Jose and I am from Back of the Yards High School in Chicago. I really like the part where you talk about how the US should put more money and time into helping people fit into the social mode after prison so there wouldn’t be so many homeless people and so there won’t be big crime rates because I agree with you since I also think that if the US helped convicts after prison, then there would be less unemployed people and there can possibly be less crime in the streets.

    • Angel replied 1 year ago

      Hi, My name Angel and attend Back of the Yards College Prep. I am trying to help ex-inmates have the best possibility to get a job. In Illinois there is already ban a box but we would like to make it better than it is. I am looking for any help that would help me start off on finding the solution or at least making people know about this problem we have in Illinois.

    • Erik replied 1 year ago

      My name is Erik Marroquin, and I am currently a student attending Back Of The Yards College Prep. Recently my civics class got an assignment to find an issue we are interested in and try to take action to better the situation. Now the problem that stood out to me was the issue of unemployment-more specifically ex- convicts. The issue of unemployment seems to really be effecting the city of Chicago, mostly the neighborhoods that are poor and low in money and jobs. So, I like this article because it explains the affects in more detail.

    • Hi! I really liked your article and agree that rehabilitation is better than punishment. We would have a much more functional society if we focused on helping more people. It is interesting to look at the statistics regarding this issue. Here is a website I think will be helpful: https://www.apa.org/monitor/julaug03/rehab .

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