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    Reese commented on the post, this is my body

    I love how you relate your growth to a butterfly’s growth. Things change constantly, but in the end something beautiful comes from it.

  • I completely agree with what you said! Most people ignore the big issues simply because they don’t apply to them, which is incredibly selfish. If people don’t fight to help the oppressed nothing will ever change in our country.

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    Reese commented on the post, This is my body

    Your poem was great! I love how you want to be the person to make the world a better place. The level of ambition you must have is extraordinary!

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    I love the awareness you’re bringing to this serious topic. Most high school students text and drive quite often, constantly putting other’s lives at risk. I know a lot of people who text and drive and when they do, they swerve in and out of lanes posing as a threat to other drivers. Do you personally know someone who texts and drives?

  • I’m not a kid who has divorced parents but I have several friends who have divorced parents. Most of them feel like it’s their fault or they did something wrong to make it happen. Do you think they’ll ever stop thinking this way, or will it be a continuous cycle? I know in some cases parents have said something to make their kids think was their…Read More

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