• Adrian, your shadow and writing truly shows just how strong of a person you are. I am so proud of you fro embracing your identity and not letting anyone sway your beliefs. You are also a very talented writer, and I challenge you to continue writing in the future. Also, if you like to do artistic things such as drawing do them! You might find a…[Read more]

  • Leslie, I really enjoyed reading about what others think of you contrasting with who you know you are. It was interesting for me to hear about your experience as a Latina and how it has shaped you. I also enjoyed reading about stereotypes that people inherently place on you, and how you have overcome these stereotypes in your own life. I found it…[Read more]

  •        To put it bluntly, people, particularly Americans, do not care about the environment. In an article titled Do People Really Care About the Environment, they discuss a survey developed and conducted by Nat

    • Hi Reilly. I notice that the environment in general is not an American priority. We tend to focus on business instead of nature. From this article by PewResearch, it says it still a top priority, but there are many factors that are more important, like terrorism and the economy. This article also has other data that shows American views on the environment. Hope this helps!
      Source: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/04/20/for-earth-day-heres-how-americans-view-environmental-issues/

    • Hey Reilly,
      I agree with your statement that “Americans do not care about the environment”. The traveling I have done outside of America has shown me how little Americans care. In Germany, every piece of plastic was recycled, even candy bar wrappers. The statistic you brought up about America being 11th among the top 18 did not surprise me. America is such a big country that many people think that our resources will never run our. Or, people spend too much time listening to American leaders who preach about fake science when they probably do not know that the moon is not a planet. How do you think Americans could become more motivated to help save the environment? Thanks!

    • I think americans care about the environment. I care about the earth. Like I don’t want to live on an earth with the pollution in the sky and trash on the ground. I think Americans just don’t take care of their trash. They just think someone else will pick up after them. But they don’t realizes someone else can’t always pick up for them. They have to take care of their own trash. I always think we use a ton of trash and plastic that go in the landfills. Like other countries don’t have that much trash as the US does. I think once we find a way to use less trash and more recyclables we will have less pollution.

    • Reilly,

      I agree that Americans generally don’t care about the environment, and I believe the reason why is more complicated than just selfishness. The American culture leaves little room for environmentally conscious living. You mention that people use disposable plastic bags and water bottles, but these are just so common in the U.S. that it take some conscious effort to not use them. The fact that environmentally harmful practices are so commonplace normalizes them, which is why many Americans are, as you said, aware of their negative environmental impact but not caring enough to reduce it. I wonder what you think about American culture and attitude and how it pertains to the environment.

    • Dear Reilly, I am interested in your essay because I noticed that America doesn’t promote taking care of the environment as much as other countries. I personally care about the environment, but I wasn’t really taught that much on how to take care of it.

    • Dear Reilly ,

      I Agree the fact that Americans don’t care about the environment due to many disaster created due to humans. Americans tend to forget about how deeply our environment is being negatively affected and doesn’t seem to really try to help out the environment. One reason i say that is because Donald trump stated in his speech to end “the war on beautiful, clean coal,” adding that “we are putting our coal miners back to work.” Meaning more coal is going to be dug out and burned which is a big problem causing global warming to create disasters. Many other countries have solved their problem with pollution by creating and investing in projects to keep city’s clean.

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