• Dear President,

    The cost of higher education is a huge issue and needs to be addressed. This is a problem here in the U.S and needs to be fixed.

    Higher education has always been a no question about in my

    • I agree with you that college costs are high and shouldn’t be as high as they are, but there are many options for financial aid to help people who can’t attain the education otherwise. There is nothing wrong with going to a community college versus going to a regular public college or private university, and community colleges are much less costly. People of all social classes could have an oppuritunity to make it into college and succeed in college because colleges want to help students and they want people to succeed in life. I don’t think it is necessarily fair to say that only the wealthy can go to college and move onto better things in life because there is a great number of people who come from “nothing” and make something of themselves. I do think costs should be lowered so things are more attainable and so that tax money is going to something that matters, instead of things that could arguably be seen as unnecessary. In my opinion, money should not be being spent on people locked away in prison. If more tax money went into colleges, it could be looked at as an investment. Saving Americans millions of dollars and making their futures a little easier and lacking a ton of stress.

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