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  • rcastle
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Let that be a reminder View Comment
  • @rcastle
  • December 5, 2016

Bella, Thank you for sharing your work. I think eveyone should read this poem, on good days and bad days. It reminds you that you are special and loved. This poem will impact everyone who reads it. Good Job!

Hey Blake, I enjoyed reading your post. I havnt heard much a about this topic, but I have heard some. I think your topic is really important. Have you found some specific examples to use? I can tell this topic is really important to you and I can't wait to...

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More Money, More Problems View Comment
  • @rcastle
  • October 16, 2016

Hey Moiranda, I really enjoyed reading your post. I couldnt agree more with you! I think minimum wage should remain the same. I skimmed your two links and I think those are good supprotive artitcles to your topic. If minimus wage is raised, some people may stop going to school...

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Spoiled Children View Comment
  • @rcastle
  • October 12, 2016

Hello Genevieve, I found your post to be extremely interesting. I do think some kids are spoiled and it can have a negative outcome. I don't think that all “spoiled” kids rely on others for the rest of their lives. I think it depends on how the parents parent their...

Hello Roan, I really enjoyed your post. I have read The Great Gatsby many times. I have never connected that Nick Carraway may “swing for the other team.” Your evidence is substantial. I don't think he is completely gay. He may be bi- curious. Throughout the novel he does date...

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