• Rosemary,

    Your poem was written beautifully and I loved how you incorporated many aspects of your life in just a few lines. It was a great snapshot of the experiences that make you, you. You used different sentence structure and rhyme to add power to your voice.

  • Dear Tala,

    I am very interested in your topic and research! It has been something I have wondered about as well because I had a Montessori education up until high school. I personally never felt that that my education was hindered in any way because we still learned the same information, just in a different way. I think the focus on learning for…[Read more]

  • From the beginning of my paper journey, I have been extremely curious about my topic and the process of research. It has always been very impressive to me that people in many different types of fields could write

    • Hey Raywa, your idea for your research paper sounds very interesting. I also have been interested in knowing what causes happiness in people’s lives and why some people are happier in certain circumstances. Maybe you could also research what causes emotions and the purpose of having emotions and even how different emotion differ in being created and expressed. Good Luck!

  • For many, attaining happiness is the ultimate goal. However, I have always wondered what makes someone happy. Is is something that has to do with our brain chemistry and how it interprets the world? Is is a

    • I really appreciated the fact that you inputted actual sources into your paper. It makes your paper a lot more trustworthy and annunciates the point. I would suggest that you reword your closing statement. The rest of the essay is just so well put that the closing statement seems to cut you and the audience short on your overall message.

    • I agree that being happy is the ultimate goal of a person. However, a better word to describe this is being fulfilled. I think most people get pure authentic joy from connections with other humans around them. It is funny how our world emphasizes the importance of acquiring goods, when most people really need authentic connections with others and community in order to be happy.

  •          Bright pink backpack and stuffed unicorn in hand, I stepped onto an airplane for the first time. My destination was India. When I arrived I saw bustling streets and bright colors, but the most memo

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Bed nets are the key to reducing malaria and the more people know about it the more we can accomplish. I love the fact that you brought up people not even knowing what it is like feel unsafe asleep. We take it for granted. There is no excuse for us to not help the cause by providing bed nets. I found this article about reducing African flies carrying sleeping sickness. You might be interested.

    • Wow I absolutely loved this! I did not know much about this topic and this article really educated me! I agree that bed nets seem absolutely important! Such simple and effective solutions are necessary to integrate, especially in third world countries where people already live hard lives. I think another huge problem we need to fix in third world countries is clean water. Reading this article makes me grateful for the home I have and helps me understand how lucky I am to live in a place without the need for a bed net.

    • This topic is not recognized as much as it should be. Malaria and other illnesses like dengue fever are everyday struggles for those living in third world countries. Bed nets should be resources that are easily obtained by those living in places that are at risk for malaria and dengue.
      Along with bed nets, these countries have trouble controlling the growing amounts of trash, creating habitats for mosquitoes. Artificial containers, and tires put these people at risk for illnesses, and it crucial to have the resources to collect trash and have bed nets. Great article !
      If you are interested in learning more check out http://www.cdc.gov/dengue/entomologyecology/m_habitats.html

    • Such a simple act to prevent a disease! I have grown up learning about bed nets, and how they successfully prevent the spread of malaria. Malaria is a disease that can be controlled with little to no money (compared to other diseases) that there should be no reason why every child cannot have a bed net to protect them from this god awful disease. Great post!

  • Asha,

    I enjoyed reading your post on the cost of college because it is a topic I care about as well. It was interesting to hear that financial aid may be increasing the cost. I wonder that would be and why colleges still give it out. I agree that getting an education is important and people who go to college often have a lot of debt. I keep…[Read more]

  • As a senior in high school who is currently applying to college, the cost of attending a 4-year university is on my mind. Education is something that is so important to many people, yet the price of attaining a

    • This is a very well written post. I am also a senior who is applying to colleges and it is unfortunate that the price of a school os what is going to determine where I go. College is so expensive and I believe the price need to be lowered. For a nation that values education so much, why are they making us pay so much for it. One of our human rights is the right to education. Because of the cost of education, some people are unable to have it. This was a great post.

    • I Ashley Evans, who is also a senior, totally agrees with this post, I believe if college was cheaper many more individuals would attend. Not being able to afford education is not something someone should have to worry about. Everyone has the right to education but with tuition being so expensive not everyone is able to.

  • I think that this topic has a lot to talk about. I agree that spoiling a child to much can cause them to rely on others. But, it is hard to say that it is the case for all children. Sometimes, having a lot as a child could inspire them to continue working hard to keep that quality of life. But, being spoon fed will not teach children to be…[Read more]

  • Great job on choosing a really current, interesting topic for your first post! I think you have a really interesting point of view and I agree that it is unfortunate that this game has caused people to get hurt. I think by including more information and support to your claim, your piece would be even stronger! Something to think about is whether…[Read more]

  • I thought that your post about what children go through during wartime is very insightful, and is something not a lot of people think about. War can impact someone’s life in a very intense way that makes it hard to see past the situation. I had never heard of this book, but it sounds like it is an eye opener.

  • My brother loves crossword puzzles, and last year he called me over to do one with him. Its clue said “well mind”, “beautiful thinking” or “goodwill”. Immediately, I was attracted to its definition, and was cur

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