• I



    The cliffs of Pace Bend with friends barefoot


    At the lake behind the boat


    By the lake while the fire burns


    In the cool refreshing water


  • nathan,
    I totally agree with you nobody seems to know how to drive stick any more personally i love stick my car is a 5 speed subaru forester and i love it. It doesnt get boring i am always doing something and i feel more in control. but sadly stick shift cars seem to be going away.

  • Rayce commented on the post, A Place of Happiness 1 year ago

    Dear Oliver,

    I was interested in your post because of the photo. I really like the Ford GT.

    I am curious about a few lines from your poem. One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you say, “We don’t go in
    That might be a bad choice
    With the blinding lights in our face”

    What do the blinding lights represent? Are they car lights? I o…[Read more]

  • Bmx track

    The central Texas bmx track is a special place to me. I have been riding there for about 4 to 5 years. This is a privet track only for bmx racing. I know everyone at the track and they

    • Dear: Rayce
      I am surprised by your post “Central Texas BMX” because is very interesting that everyone at the track and they are all fun people to be around, and it’s great to have friends through different sports.

      One sentences you wrote that stand out me is ¨I love riding my bike at the track¨ because
      I also love bikes and have had many experiences for example when I started riding a bicycle.

      Thanks for you writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your post seems very interesting.

  • Rayce commented on the post, Austin Forever 1 year ago

    hi Ana i have
    also lived in Austin my whole life and i also believe that you should feel save where you live.

  • My name is Rayce and my favorite things to do is bmx and drive/work on cars. I was born in Austin Texas. When i got my first bmx bike i never wanted to do anything else other then ride my bike. I have lived

    • Hi Rayce,
      I liked your bio post because I also sort of hate school too. Living in a safe place is important and I feel like Austin is safer than a lot of other places, or at least safer than where I used to live in Brownsville.

      I was surprised that you ride BMX. I think it looks really crazy, but its cool that you’re very passionate about it. Even though you don’t like writing i hope to read more of it.

    • He Rayce,
      I think your bio is really cool and it shows me a clear representation of who you are as a person and what you like to do. I also appreciate how honest you are about the things you don’t like. It doesn’t seem like you lie about who you are and it also seems that you are very passionate about your hobbies. BMX biking sounds crazy dangerous and fun, you should maybe talk more about how you started to get into biking, but great bio overall!

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