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  • RaniyahLA24
    • I onces was in you places to and I can relate to this. I felt alone and shy and I didnt want to stay like that so I made a move and started interacting with people and started talking and once I got the hang of it things were normal. I was confident and and didn’t expect it to turn out this way. I strongly believe that in order for you to not be shy you have try and and take action and start getting involved in conversations with group. ONce you do that you will feel much better and thing will change and you will see it.
      I enjoyed this and looking forward to learn more about your journey.

      Madram A.

      • Madram, thanks for the positive and encouraging feedback. It is also great that you have lots of empathy for the speaker in this work of art.

        You should also note that an artist can create art in order to set some distance from themselves. For example, a non-shy person could have created this art from their observations of shy people

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    The Lab 6 Feet Under

    The cure had to be here somewhere in this lab room. A disaster was happening. People were dying and I couldn’t find the cure.  As I was walking through the lab I began to ask myself questions like “Will I...

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my post! I agree with you it is very good to have hope in a challenge! No matter what you think is going to happen try to have hope and talk to yourself. Having hope will get you far in life. It is definitely hard but having hope makes situations/challenges much better! Once again thank you so much…Read More

  • I genuinely appreciate you for taking time out of your day to read my post! I also am so glad you love my poem! I also agree that if you hope for something it is bound to happen. Life is not easy but hoping will make it feel much better! Having hope is not easy, definitely because we are so quick to doubt. So it definitely comes along…

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  • I am so glad you enjoyed my post! I am glad you got to read my post! Following my heart got me to many places in life. I know the feeling of what I think is right and what my heart is telling. We all make bad decisions in life, we all make decisions that we wish we can take back but that is why life is about learning from your lessons.…

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