• Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Rachel Smeenge, I am a 4th year at Michigan State University. I am currently majoring in Zoology with the hopes of attending veterinary school. For my LGBTQ+ Studies course, I

    • Rachel, I totally agree with your analysis. I think that America is in one of the worst states it has ever been in, especially in the last six months. Our president seems to only perpetuate the issues, and he merely gives his opinions on what happens rather than doing anything about it. I liked how you said “as role models, it is important for our leaders to prioritize being actual role models”. I think that the president should be the ideal image of what it means to be american, and the fact that our president is a bigot sure says a lot about our country. Hopefully we can continue to move forward as a country and progress in our views of minorities and other cultures. I’ll be back for more great posts!

    • Rachel, You are a great writer and what you have to say about this ongoing topic shows you have passion to stop the violence and resolve this issue with peace. America is in a terrible crisis of dealing with civil protests against our own country. Our own country will not stand for what is right in this world and fix it. It is awful and I never thought America would see this again. I believe to make this country great again we have to make it justifiable for all to live in. We can not exclude anyone but instead include everyone and follow the leads of other countries to make ours great.

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