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Is the Green New Deal a reasonable solution to large scale problems?

Image credit: Global climate change and economic disparities are becoming hot topic problems in American politics. While some say that the United States government and the world governments as a whole should not take drastic measures to combat the effects of climate change, some say the opposite, and some politicians have proposed a dramatic plan that would, according to […]

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US Relationship with North Korea

Nuclear negotiations between the United States and North Korea are becoming complicated and important. A nuclear attack would be a deadly consequence to any failed negotiations, and it is unclear what North Korea is going to do with their nuclear weapons.  North Korea recently said that the United States can expect a “Christmas gift” if nuclear negotiations are not dealt […]

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Influence of Religion in U.S. Politics

In the United States, church and state are supposed to be kept seperate. That means that policy makers’ religious convictions should not influence the decisions they make. According to a study done in the spring of 2019, American adults surveyed answered overall that religion should stay separate from politics (Pew Research Center 2019). According to the Pew Research Center,  “Nearly […]

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Injustice of Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a federal holiday. However, it reflects a highly misinformed and “whitewashed” view of American history that celebrates a man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. While Christopher Columbus opened the European voyages to the western world, he killed, abused, and enslaved thousands of people in the process. Not to mention, he took and […]

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