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  • rachaelgjudge

Hi Sergio, I agree that the US is doing an awful job when it comes to immigration. There's too much political conflict and an inhumane attitude towards immigrants. We need to focus on how to help immigrants, not how to contain them or close our borders. The US is...

Hi Asnica, I really like your argument. I never thought I would miss going to school normally but I miss it now. Its good for your mental health to interact with others and have a sense of structure in what you have to do. I find it difficult to maintain...

Hi Matthew, Good post. Its really good to hear that young people are standing up against the most significant threatening issue of our time. Even with the activism, billionaire fossil fuel executives are still being given tax cuts and politicians are still not taking action to help in the...

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What’s The Deal With Police Brutality View Comment
  • @rachaelgjudge
  • January 26, 2020

Hi Noa, It is really disturbing that police brutality is the leading cause of death for black men. It gives everyone else a different perspective on being afraid of the police, who are supposed to make everyone feel safe, rather than trusting them. I think that the solution to reducing...

Hi Keily, Good post. I like how you mention that you are an immigrant and add your personal perspective that's been affected because of this. I agree that immigrants shouldn't be met with so much aggression when it comes to learning English. Instead, they should be helped with getting used...

Hi Aria, really good information. I really like what Greta Thunberg is doing and it's really impactful that you spoke up about climate change in this post as a way of joining her. Right now, Thunberg is asking the media to give her less attention and other climate activists...

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Immigrants in the U.S. View Comment
  • @rachaelgjudge
  • December 9, 2019

Hi Emanuel, Your post is quite interesting, especially how you shared your personal experience. This article I found presents some statistical information about immigration that you might find useful with the questions you asked in your post: Your post was really interesting.

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We Need Diversity Of Thought View Comment
  • @rachaelgjudge
  • December 6, 2019

Good point. It makes sense that nothing gets done in the federal government because people are too polarized and therefore cannot work together to make decisions or fix things. I found a good article that describes a fundamental cause of political and social division creating a gridlock:

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Why the Long Face Gen Z? View Comment
  • @rachaelgjudge
  • November 22, 2019

Hi Maggie, It's a really striking phenomenon that our generation has such a high rate of mental illness and suicide. I found another article that compares our rates of loneliness with those of previous generations, and Gen Z has the highest rate of loneliness compared to past generations:

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