• Suicide, the most serious risk of depression, is the third leading cause of death among young people ages 15 to 24. It is imperative that high school students, parents, and teachers understand the clear link

    • I am interested in your research topic because two students in my class have committed suicide in high school. I liked your quote, “depression education can be effective suicide prevention” and I think you should do more research on how that is benefited suicide rates. Prevention before treatment is more useful. Try this article, https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/suicide-prevention/index.shtml because it could help you in your further research about this grave topic that cannot be kept hidden and considered taboo.

  • I couldn’t find a source o hypothe.is about depression besides on about Barack Obama, but it was mainly focused on politics about him and not the world being depressed as a unit. It was kind of like his personal

  • Who has access to treatment?
    Who treats the problem?
    What races have the most?
    What can we do as a community to help victims of depression?  
    When should we take action?
    When did the

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    I feel like my 3 recordings were cool. I followed the procedure. Adjusting my tone was kind of difficult, especially trying to change my mood while saying  the same thing.My book i read, was the Kaplan’s SAT handbook.

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    My topic was about teen depression.  My strengths are my voice and eye contact. While my area of growth may be that I could choose a better stance instead of having my hands behind my back. Watching myself screw

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  • These are the videos about presentations that i watched.

    “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”.  “TED’s secret to great public speaking”

     I feel like one of Anderson’s main points was that when everyone is foc

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    Are GMO’s unregulated?

    Do gmos play a role in cancer

    What is harmful about ?

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    Honestly, it was hard to pay attention to the video. Science is not something I’m interested in. At all. I have no passion for it and I never have, even in school. I just did the minimum to get the passing grade.

  • Click here for the link to my comic strip of othello. This specific scene was With Iago, Roderigo and Cassio. Iago had gotten cassio drunk and he had fought Roderigo in front of everyone. He lost his reputation as

  • IMG_0715

    I choose Othello by Shakespeare. I Choose act 2 scene 3 line 170-160. I played as Iago. I had to pause a little due to commas. and you can tell how he said things because of the way Iago is. The things I

  • Here are my best critical analysis of the play Othello.

    Quote:Othello: “Come, swear it, damn thyself;/ lest, being like one of heaven, the devils themselves/should fear to seize thee. Therefore be d

  • Shakespeare is still studied today because he created 1700 words as David Tennant said as he explained why Shakespeare matters.  Those words and sayings are still being used in today’s age. They’re modern word


    Dear Quincy,

    You are not graduating this year. All these years and you won’t be graduating in June. Every body around you will be walking the stage in their green cap & gowns and you’ll be at home. De

    • This is deep I like it. True story of you or someone you know? I think there’s lot of emotion in this and makes its very powerful.

    • Dear Quincy :

      I am sad about your letter, “No diploma for you!” because it is really said how you worked so hard all those years and you aren’t able to achieve your final goal. All your friends accomplished it, but you didn’t which is depressing. On top of that being an embarrassment to your parents doesn’t help as well.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Now everyone is looking at you feeling sorry and not congratulating you.” I think this is terrible because sometimes people don’t realize that those who fail sometimes work harder than those who succeed. Also, this seems to be very degrading to a persons self esteem.

      Another sentence that I liked was: “You weren’t successful in the beginning of highschool, you had a 1.5 gpa your freshman year.” This stood out for me because it shows how numbers are all that really determine your success in life. Even if you know the material better than someone with a 5.0 average, you are considered to be more stupid.

      Your letter reminds me of something that happened to me. One timeI studied a week for a test, making the most thorough study guides and memorizing the information over and over again. Everyone kept telling me that I would ace the test because I was so well prepared. This wasn’t true because I ended up getting a really low score. I then felt like a disappointment to my parents. My friends, who studied less hen me were getting congratulated on their scores even though they studied less.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I would like to know if you actually end up graduating and how you dealt with this setback in your life.

    • Quincy,
      I first would like to say how terribly sorry I am. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling. However I would like to ask you to continue to pursue your education. Please graduate next semester or next year, or get your GED. You have worked far too hard to let this be the end of your educational journey. And please, please, please do not give up all hope.

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