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    I like how you dig deep into your fealings

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    I am from Oakland
    The place I have lived all my life
    A city unlike any other
    Where everyone is unique

    I am from Debate
    Where people fight for what they believe in
    And there’s always someone there to listen
    It h

    • I am interested in your poem because I like the way it gives a description of your life. One thing that you said that stands out for me is, “I am from great friends Who make my life interesting And through good and bad, Will always be there for me.” I think this is sweet that you included your friends in your poem. Your poem reminds me of the poem that I did at the beginning of the year. Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I enjoyed your poem.

    • Dear Quest,
      I really like your poem! I like how you began each stanza and thought that you were very creative with your writing. I enjoyed reading of your home and your friends.

    • Semon replied 2 years ago

      Quest, This is a great poem! It depicts Oakland to be better than it seems! Great job!

    • I like how you show your poem your feelings through Oakland and believing yourself.

    • Hi Quest,
      I really enjoyed reading this. It gives great insight into who you are, your life, and what you stand for in few words because of the way you constructed this poem. Really well done.

    • Dear Quest,
      I think that where you’re from is a good place to grow up. I like the description you gave of your life in Oakland. You said, “I am from Oakland. The place I have lived all my life. A city unlike any other. Where everyone is unique. I would have loved to grow up somewhere like that.

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    This poem is a great representation of you

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    this poem fire

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    This is a very descriptive and detailed poem

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