• On the surface, Housman’s poem, “To an Athlete Dying Young” is about an athlete dying at a young age. To die young at the peak of your achievements allows your glory and greatness to live on through the m

  • My first impressions of this poem were of confused.  It makes me feel sad, yet, at the same time, heavy.

    A line that especially evokes the first feeling for me is, “Eyes the shady night has shut / Cannot se

  • My favorite place that i like to talk about is my block , the park and riding my bike around Harlem i like going to because when i feel like i had a bad game when i was playing basketball or when i had a bad

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    Dear Terren,
    I am mesmerized when he was talking about the height and the sport he play basketball your bio , “ this My story so far,” because base on the way he talking about his life story
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I attend Pulse High School and let me tell you, I’m honestly glad i came here because in Columbus High Sc…[Read more]

  • My name is Quantell Branch it’s a unique but some people call me Dj but i love me ice cream but my brother use to go Harvest Collegiate High School and use to play for the Washington Irving Bulldogs B

    • I really like how you describe yourself in this little excerpt. I like that you give a lot of detail and insight to the reader of who you are. One thing I would say is to remember to capitalize after every period and know what words or letter should be capitalized. One thing I also think that could add to your writing it perhaps adding metaphors. For example, ” I’m so good at basketball that I feel like I could be the next…” Something like that would add a lot more to this. But, overall, you did a good job.

  • i am very impressed by the way you did your poem .

  • Dear Iween,
    your poem is very inspiring . and put in a lot of feelings/emotion in your poem. and i like how u did your poem in a new / old way u could have put in a little more attached feelings in this poem

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    thank you ! ! !

  • The night go by so ,Life is easy but hard , At the same time , It get worse for , Me and everybody thats , Stay around me , So i just sit in the , Dark by myself and ,Think about my life and , How its going for

  • I remember the first time i drank soda and started to jump off the walls like a bouncing ball with a whole lot of energy i remember when i put my hand on steering wheel and almost took me and my brother almost

  • I am from under the bed, from the dark and cold nightsI am from under the table where I use to be waiting to get found so I could be the next “it”I am from the tree shaking, dogs barking at each other, and the

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