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    When I was choosing the image the color is what really stood out to me
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      Thank you I wanted something that I thought really spoke to who I am
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        Sizzling past ATL's Traffic Jam 

        Lots of people have recently come to the conclusion that the construction of highways and highway systems that were built in spite of minority communities affect our cities today.  I agree with this because these highways are the route...

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        • The way you delve into the history of slavery and why exactly segregation came to be such a large influence in the construction of Atlanta’s infrastructure is really insightful. You also go into detail about how this construction directly affected black communities that were already there, which provides a new perspective to think about. Can I ask what the intended meaning behind the imagery in your title is?

        • What initially drew me to this post was the colorful picture, although I can’t tell how it connects to the topic. I like how you analyzed the way traffic jams connect to segregation and intentionally displacing minority communities.

        • I was drawn in by the bright vibrant colors of the post and after reading what the author wrote, I feel like I can view the whole Traffic Jam article differently now. I feel like I have a new perspective on things

        • I like the bright vibrant colors of the post. I interpret the picture as a bird being free in the city of Atlanta. I agree with you in this statement “White people forced minorities into places of lower quality and with less funding. After forcing minorities into these places contractors came up with the idea to divide the city of Atlanta segregating blacks from whites.”

        • Hey Quadir, The way you go into the history of slavery and why segregation became such an important factor in the design of Atlanta’s infrastructure is quite informative. You also discuss how this building directly impacted existing black neighborhoods, which provides a different perspective to consider. Can you explain the intended significance behind the imagery in your title?

        • Quadir the way your picture’s disconnect from the story is intriguing, yet it compels one to pause and explore. Its charm lies in defying conventions, prompting curiosity and a desire to uncover hidden connections. This enigmatic image captivates and leaves us enthralled, eager to unravel its mysteries.

        • The imagery in the title was chosen as an evocative metaphor. The tangled roads and vehicles are meant to mirror the complex web of systemic inequities that have been built into our urban environments over generations. Just as a traffic jam can seem like an impossible problem on the surface, the deep-rooted racial divisions and discriminatory policies that have shaped the development of our cities can also feel daunting to unravel.

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      • @lreaser24 oh wow I’m loving the background

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