• We started off strangers but now we’re like brothers. Who would’ve thought someone would play such a big role in your life. Keeping someone by your side is important to have.

    Good friends help you develop you

  • There are many different sources that show minorities get treated unfairly by the judicial system. “68 percent of African Americans felt they were treated worse than white people and almost 45 percent of the w

  • Hailey that guns can be dangerous and kids feel unsafe at school, but there are a lot of ways you can look at this. Some people may think taking away guns would help but that’s not fair to people who may hunt and use good use to what they do with their guns. The gun checks should be more detailed to people with guns because some people don’t…[Read more]

  • Ruby, I feel vaccines really help the population and should be taken when possible. If they are helping decrease the diseases or viruses that are not happening maybe they should be mandatory. If it’s linking to other causes of things and it’s not really showing a large number or increase for certain things the vaccinations are defiantly the way…[Read more]

  • Alexis I agree that we need to stop ignoring the problem, and start protecting our environment. I think the gas reduction idea would be great to try and make useful because polluting the air with gases is one of the bigger problems for the atmosphere. Electric cars would be great I think it would be a long process to get these around and then…[Read more]

  • Anika, Dress codes take away how people express themselves and I don’t agree with that people should be able to wear what they want. Saying the way a female dresses will distract a male can also imply that there is no self-control over themselves. I do agree that dress codes would save people from humiliation if they’re getting pulled out of…[Read more]

  • Joseph, I think that is pretty scary that they go unreported especially 50%. I totally believe that though because for some athletes especially if it’s not effecting you or giving you a ton of pain st the moment your gonna wanna keep pushing or play whatever your playing because your not gonna wanna sit out. Me being an athlete myself I get that…[Read more]

  • Jada I agree with you saying why come to school just to sit and complain and not learn when you could just stay home. It truly is just a waste of time and why try to argue with your teacher when its’s just gonna make you both frustrated. I use to just always blame it on teacher but you have to realize you just need to ask more questions and try…[Read more]

  • I agree with you Sanath on what really is an American creed it truly has many different views on what it can be because it does vary from person to person on their aspects on life. The knowledge they have or grow up with really will put a good thought to what they believe it is.

  • I agree with you Kelsey, especially about the part about moving up in society some people just have it easier because of their background so really not everyone is truly getting that fair option. some people just have to work harder than others. We should feel lucky to have the freedom and independence to d what we need to do in this society.

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  • The American culture is an important piece that makes up our country. The values and beliefs we all have are different and bringing in own opinion makes it great. In culture this we have the option to think, say,

    • Noah,
      I agree with your argument because I also think we are a diverse country. I like your use of the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to strengthen your argument. I do have to disagree with the thought of our country being the freest. I can see where you come from but I feel as though many things limit our freedom like the government on certain things. I loved when you said “Keeping everything bright is good for both us and our next to come generation”. I think people will be inspired by your piece.

    • Noah,
      I say I have to agree with what you say in your post.That in our society we have our own values and a say in the choices we make. I also believe that the way that you included the declaration of independence made your point all that much more stronger. I also found more information on human rights that i think would go really well with your topic. Great job!


  • Tori, your word choice was really good. your description helped me understand how you feel during these anxiety attacks.

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