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  • Wow this is a great info-graphic that clearly shows that there is a problem that needs to be taken care of in today’s schools. The one that really sticks out to me is the one about sleep problems. I think that many kids lives and grades are taking hits because of the problem.

  • Very nice work. I think this is a very big issues and topic that needs to continue to be addressed. However I do believe that over the years this issue has started to go down and that idea that women can not do anything is fading very fast.

  • Emily,
    Your work is very good. I can totally tell that you played close attention to the character Huck in this book. You did a great job at breaking down the things he did and reasons as to why. I think your quote also helped you a lot in breaking down this character in more detail. I do wish you got into a little more detail about the physical…Read More

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    This was very well written and I love how many examples you gave. You used them to show how Huck represents different problems in society that are found between the lines. You gave a clear picture as to what Huck looks like and how he acts as a young boy. I think this is great work! Good Job!

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    It is clear from the very beginning of the book that the character Huck comes from a background that is near the bottom of white society. His father is a drunk that has a negative impact on him as he comes and

    Deep Down in Huck

    It is clear from the very beginning of the book that the character Huck comes from a background that is near the bottom of white society. His father is a drunk that has a negative impact on him as...

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    • Jason, I think you did a nice job analyzing Huck Finn. I wrote about Huck Finn for this blogging discussion, too, and I agree with you that Huck following his conscience and going against what is the law in the white society has impacted other characters in positive ways in the book. I also agree that Huck is often confused, because he is struggling to do what is really right. But, he later realizes that he would have felt worse for doing the right thing and turning Jim in than he does for not turning Jim in. I mentioned this in my post as well, and I think his decision to help Jim escape slavery is a big step for Huck to go against the norm of the society in which he has been raised. Do you think this decision is a milestone in Huck’s development?

    • I totally agree with your point on that he comes from a lower social class. You can tell through out the book that he has troubles talking and understanding people. But Widow Douglas though out the first couple charters of the book tries to help Huck to understand the real world. She tries to discipline Huck and tries to tell him what is right and what is wrong. She has a hard time at first. But then she real gets to him before he gets taken by his father. With Huck not knowing his mother, he never really had a mom there to help him out. Because his father was not going to help him out with his drinking problems he had. Also with Huck getting physical abused by his father , he never really had a parent there for him. So it was good for Doulas to step in and save his life from going down here. I really like your post. I hope you keep posting in there near future.

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