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    Prerna wrote a new post

    Everyone has a different definition of being American, although many of us can agree that being American is about three main ideas: freedom, equality, and a chance at achieving your dreams. The Hate u Give being

    The Bullets you Shoot

    Everyone has a different definition of being American, although many of us can agree that being American is about three main ideas: freedom, equality, and a chance at achieving your dreams. The Hate u Give being American is a...

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    • Dear Prerna,
      I am impressed with your post “The Bullets You Shoot”. I liked the way you explained the book in a way that doesn’t give any spoilers and that you cited other texts that backed up your arguments. One part that stood out to me was “This book is very important to today’s world. African Americans and other minorities are killed at a higher rate than their white counterparts”. I thought this was very good information and I liked how you then backed it up with a quote in the next sentence. Another part I thought was interesting was “The Hate u Give helps people become less ignorant about what’s happening today and allows those people to make their decision on whether or not to recognize this problem and help promote change”. I was interested by this because you showed that when reading this book the reader sees discrimination from a new perspective and gets a better understanding of the wrongdoing by officers. You also made it clear that although everyone reading will see this problem it’s up to them to do something to stop it. Have you seen the movie The Hate U Give? ( The movie might be good to watch after reading the book to see how it compares and if it shines the same light on discrimination.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you are a great writer and bring up good points in your writing in a smart way.

    • Prerna,
      I love your thoughts on this subject. It’s nice to see how much literature was able to teach you about a certain topic. Your tie-in to democratic values at the end was a nice touch. Are there any other books you could find that talk more about this topic? Any movies you can think of? I would love to hear your thoughts!

    • Dear Prerna
      I am shocked by your post , “ The Bullets Shoot You” because this is a main issue that we are currently living in.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Since the main characters of the novel are African-American who live in one of the poorest parts of their states, we get to see that the words people associate with being American do not apply to everyone.” I think this is very true because if this country is about freedom and equality we wouldn’t have these types of issues associated with cops killing innocent people.
      Another sentence that shocked me was: One big thing people say when talking about what it means to be American is equality. “Yet the novel centers around a young man named Khalil who was killed by a white police officer simply because the officer thought the hairbrush in Khalil’s hand was a gun”. This stood out for me because I see these types of violence in my community.
      I do agree with you that “In order to completely be a democratic nation, the people must be able to understand the problems in today’s world and promote the change to fix it.” One reason I say this is there can’t be a change without understanding the problem and if we can’t understand what is going on we can’t solve it.
      Have you seen this website : I thought you might be interested in this because it is about fighting for Freedom, Liberation and Justice. You can sign up for updates, and checking their resources,
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you give many details that caught my attention.

    • Dear Prerna,
      I am moved with your post “The Bullets You Shoot”. I appreciate the way you brought attention to the harsh realities of today. I like the way you shine a light on the brutal acts committed by police officers towards innocent protesters. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was “. If we want to use democracy to achieve the ideals of freedom, equality, and achieving the American Dream, we must make sure everyone gets equal access to their basic rights and that we pay attention to what is happening, and not allow such a large group of people to be mistreated based on their race gender, or sexuality.” I think this is important because it proves that change can’t come until we change the way this country is run. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like the way you express your thoughts about current issues. We have a very similar political point of view.
      -Kayla Castillo

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    Prerna wrote a new post

    To be American is to be able to fight for both your freedom and the freedom of others that are seeking liberty and equality. All Americans should be able to have three basic rights that were given to us in the

    To be American is to fight

    To be American is to be able to fight for both your freedom and the freedom of others that are seeking liberty and equality. All Americans should be able to have three basic rights that were given to us...

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    • Dear Prerna,
      This argument paper was amazing. The way you used your words and voice made it a very compelling read. As I was reading this I realized that we have very similar views on a lot of topics. I agree with your statement that having rights isn’t what makes you a American. There is so much corruption in this country and it is hard to unify ourselves because not everyone wants to be unified. I was going to talk about gun control is my paper, but I decided to leave it out, so I am happy that you touched base on the topic. I think it is fascinating how you also acknowledge that “humanity has never and will likely never be perfect” which I 100% agree with. I think it is interesting when people use the claim “Make America Great Again” because it makes me question, when was America ever great? I am curious what you have to say on this topic. Once again, great essay!

    • Hey Prerna,
      I like your opinion about to be American is to fight, I also talked about America history told us what we should be. I regard American history is a “fight” history, fight for freedom, fight for equality, and fight for our rights. You use a good related to the book The Absolutely True Diary of Part Time Indian we read these days, that is a strong evidence to explain some Americans still don’t have the rights and they struggling everyday. You also use suppose in your 4th paragraph, that’s make the essay more convincing and more diverse. It is an amazing essay! When I read this article, I can feel it is very powerful!

    • Hi Prerna!
      I really enjoyed reading your paper, it had a focused claim and great evidence. I completely agree with your views on this topic that there is inequality and if we want to progress in life we must work for it. I think the way you phrased this essay made it that much more compelling and made me understand what you were trying to say. The inclusion of the 13 Amendments and the Emancipation Proclamation brought a new view to your claim. I thought it was interesting how you said that our nation probably will never be perfect and made it obvious that there are flaws in our society. Reading this makes me wonder why can’t America ever be flawless or perfect? Do you think there is anything we could do to make that happen?

    • Hi Prerna! I loved reading your essay. You did a great job providing evidence from multiple sources including the Emancipation Proclamation, Civil Rights Act, and the U.S. Constitution. I also enjoyed learning about how many groups of people are discriminated against, since my essay was based on only Native Americans. I was able to learn new things! Such as the fact that “There is no federal law protecting employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in the United States” (“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Workplace Issues). This is so sad! I completely agree with you that we need to fight for our rights, especially as youth since we are the next generation to lead our country. In a time of division and fear, coming together to fight for a common cause is very rewarding! Have you ever been to a march? What is your opinion on school walkouts? Do you think they are effective?

    • Hi Prerna,

      I enjoyed reading your post. I like how you used evidence from different sources to back up the idea that discrimination is something that needs to be addressed. I agree that Americans should be able to access their natural rights, and it’s sad that many people aren’t treated the same as others soley because they look or act “different”. I feel that many people think mainly about skin color when the word “discrimination” is used, but discrimination is so much more than that. People are also discriminated against based on gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, etc…. I thought you addressed that concept well in your writing. Here’s a link that talks more about natural rights for Americans and also legal rights. In the last paragraph of your post you state, “It does not happen naturally, we cannot expect our basic rights to just be there without fighting for them”. What I’m wondering is if we have to fight for our natural rights, then are they really natural? Should we have to fight for our natural rights?
      Another concept that I agree with is that we, as Americans, need to work together in order to institute change for issues that we greatly care about. Not everybody agrees on how certain topics should be addressed and when we don’t agree with something, we citizens have the right to say so, and that’s what’s so special about America.


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