• Hi,
    I never knew that this was a problem. I come from a lower income background and one of the reasons I was never able to enjoy the experience of skiing was because of the money. It is expensive, as you stated, and I believe that it will hurt your state’s economy as well. Here in Michigan we also have a lot of skiing as well. Thank you for your…[Read more]

  • Hi Naomi,
    I did not know that this was a problem in our states, quite frankly I did not know that plasticity pollution in waters was an addressed problem. I think it is quite interesting that you will be interviewing specialists in this department. I wonder though how you are going to conduct the interview. Will you have pre-made questions or…[Read more]

  • The Dream That’s Yet to be Fulfilled: Reflective Essay

    Throughout my research journey of reading and collecting random articles about educational inequality, one article really stood out to me. In the article H

    • Hey Blerta,
      I agree with you that the education system in the United States needs to more equal. I think that it is not fair that some students do not get a good as education as other students. For example, I think that students in Detriot should receive the same quality of education as we do in Okemos. What do you think that people need to do to make education more equal?

  • Zip codes are used in the United States to indicate location, but today they are a predictor of educational success (Ireland). Education is essential to the progression of our nation, yet many Americans do not

    • I have never thought about zip codes being a determining factor or defining factor regarding level of education and educational opportunities, so I thought this was a very interesting point that you brought attention to. Additionally, I agree strongly with you that this issue must not go unaddressed. We are supposed to be a country that values education highly, although it seems we are not living up to this idea. No child should have less opportunity when it comes to education because of where they live. While I, too, don’t know what the solution is to this problem, we must find one quickly!

  • Standardized Tests Conceal More than Reveal

    Coming to school everyday, I hear the seniors and juniors stressing out because the ACT or the SAT is around the corner. Test booklets are laying around, tutors are

  •        One of the top debated topics in today’s politics is the increase of minimum wage. Currently the “federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is too low for anyone to live on” and it is the reason why their is

    • This is a really touchy topic. Americans all over the country have different views on the idea of minimum wage, but the vast majority of us can agree that it needs to be raised. Millions of Americans are living in poverty and working multiple jobs, so an increase is definatly needed, but to what extent it this needed and how much is too much of a raise.

    • The problem isn’t with minimum wage, it’s that that there aren’t enough jobs and that the American economy is one for the employers. I’d like to see America become an employees economy instead. This would require actually watching our border and protecting our native industries though, and wanting those things in this day and age make you literally evil in the eyes of many.

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    Hi Genevieve,
    In my opinion I think that people should have the right to bear arms; however, the government needs to ensure that the right people can buy and have guns. Remember the school shooting at Sandy Hook, well the guy who killed innocent children had mental problems. The government needs to have more control over the selling of…[Read more]

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  •      You feel the warmth and the pure sweetness of it. You can not help but adore the way it rolls off your tongue, as if it simply belongs to you. Ti je shpirti imi. Have you ever heard of such beauty be

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