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  • polandh19
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Middle-income students’ struggle View Comment
  • @polandh19
  • February 14, 2018

Hannah, I think you brought up an important topic. The financial struggle for students is something that should be brought up in society.

Beth, I really enjoyed reading your piece. I don't know very much about the criminal justice system in the United States and now i feel like everyone should know this. I agree that we need to fix this problem, it's not okay for so many people to be...

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Answering Essential Questions View Comment
  • @polandh19
  • October 27, 2017

Lillian, I really like the statistics you added to the paper. They add support to the article but I would like to know where you got them. I am so interested in this book and hopefully can find time to read it.

Thank you for commenting, Srihita! I would think that they would be disappointed and would push us to move forward. I love hearing what you had to say.

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The American Dream View Comment
  • @polandh19
  • October 11, 2017

Noor, I loved reading this. I completely agree with what you said. You said that now we are using our right to assemble and freedom of speech to march for what we believe, I am so glad that it is happening because we have to fix issues happening today.Thank...

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Is the American Dream Changing? View Comment
  • @polandh19
  • October 6, 2017

Emilee, I really liked your post. I like how you used examples of people's feelings form the past and the present. I agree with what you said at the end about how we need to get back on track and care about morals. I love your call to action...

Thanks Sophia! I like that you brought up gender, sexual orientation and race. Though I didn't touch on them I feel strongly about them. Thank you for the great feedback!

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Meditation: A Beneficial Practice View Comment
  • @polandh19
  • September 29, 2017

Hi Lily, I really enjoyed reading this. I have always wanted to try meditation as someone who has a lot of stress and doesn't know how to cope with it. I just don't have the time to dedicate towards it. Hopefully I can manage to get this time in...

Hi Montana, This was really interesting to read. I've heard about the "texting claw" and I've heard about the spine issues. I have never heard that if you lean your ha forward to look at your phone you are putting 60 pounds of stress on your neck. That's crazy!...

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