• Majority of my time is spent in the fine arts wing at my high school. I take two music classes, participate in the musical and plays. The radio is always on in my car and my phone is constantly blasting music at

  • Hannah, I think you brought up an important topic. The financial struggle for students is something that should be brought up in society.

  • Beth, I really enjoyed reading your piece. I don’t know very much about the criminal justice system in the United States and now i feel like everyone should know this. I agree that we need to fix this problem, it’s not okay for so many people to be in prison not learning or bettering themselves. I loved the evidence you used to support your…[Read more]

  • Lillian, I really like the statistics you added to the paper. They add support to the article but I would like to know where you got them. I am so interested in this book and hopefully can find time to read it.

  • Thank you for commenting, Srihita! I would think that they would be disappointed and would push us to move forward. I love hearing what you had to say.

  • One of our American values is equality. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly explores the fight of four black women for equal opportunity in the workplace. The book focuses on the lives and contributions of

    • Heather, I liked reading your description of these women and the discrimination they faced in the workplace. I like how at the time, discrimination started to reduce because people realized that it didn’t matter what people looked like because they had a more important issue to attend. I think that those women would be proud of how far we’ve come but they would be even more disappointed that we haven’t come far enough. I feel like after all these years, more things would have changed and things would be better now but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

      • Thank you for commenting, Srihita! I would think that they would be disappointed and would push us to move forward. I love hearing what you had to say.

    • Hi Heather!
      This piece was very good. I have never seen or read Hidden Figures, but I am more interested than ever now. You did a very nice job of integrating the value of equality into your writing, and I agree with your assessment of segregation in the workplace.
      I never knew that NASA was more accepting of black and female employees, and I was wondering if you knew why their policies were different than most other places of employment.
      My only suggestion to your writing: introduce your quotes. Explain why you are about to use someone else’s words, or just make your writing seem more credible by using the name/organization responsible for the quote in your sentence. Why should we believe what this person has to say? It justs needs a little context.

  • Noor, I loved reading this. I completely agree with what you said. You said that now we are using our right to assemble and freedom of speech to march for what we believe, I am so glad that it is happening because we have to fix issues happening today.Thank you for posting.

  • Emilee, I really liked your post. I like how you used examples of people’s feelings form the past and the present. I agree with what you said at the end about how we need to get back on track and care about morals. I love your call to action at the end. It really got me thinking!

  • Thanks Sophia! I like that you brought up gender, sexual orientation and race. Though I didn’t touch on them I feel strongly about them. Thank you for the great feedback!

  •     Americans believe that everyone is created equal.  Thomas Jefferson was the first person to use the phrase “all men are created equal” in the United States Declaration of Independence (US 1776) which was wri

    • Heather,
      I really liked your post! I think that you bring up an interesting point of whether America really has achieved equality. Some of the evidence you used about women in the workforce suggests that America really has come a long way. However, in my opinion I still believe we have work to do. Like you said, there’s still a gender gap of women and men in the workforce in industries like technology. I also think that there are other ways that America has to improve on equality, whether it’s in terms of gender, sexual orientation, or race. It’s interesting to see how all these forms of equality/inequality have evolved in the years, and how much farther we still have to go. I enjoyed your post very much, and I look forward to seeing your future posts!

      • Thanks Sophia! I like that you brought up gender, sexual orientation and race. Though I didn’t touch on them I feel strongly about them. Thank you for the great feedback!

    • Heather,
      I liked the topic you chose to post about. I thought it was interesting how you focused on the inequality that women have faced and still face as part of the American Creed. I have similar viewpoints as you in this area so it was interesting to read what you had to say. The gender pay gap is still a huge issue today, as well as the opportunity gap. For example, in fields such as cardiology and orthopedics, less than 15% of the surgeons are female. I think it would be interesting if you researched some specific areas of study where women are typically the minority and see what the pay difference is. http://www.heritage.org/testimony/women-and-opportunity-the-modern-workforce I found this article interesting because it helps define wage and opportunity gaps that women experience today. I hope to hear about what you think of the article in future posts!

    • Heather! This is a great piece. I think you should have included the inequality of race, and more issues that show that America does not value equal opportunity. Broadening your topic will challenge you to organize a lot of information into one, persuasive piece, and further prove the point. Great use of quotes and information. Your writing is very organized.

    • Dear Heather:

      I truly dislike your post, “In America we say we value equal opportunity, but have we accomplished it?”because this wage gap theory that you claim is true has been debunked multiple times.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Still, there is a large gender wage gap. Men’s salaries are higher than women’s” I think this is untrue because the statistics that you backed up your claim with is irrelevant because of the broad data that it used. The polls that were taken simply compared the average wage of men to the average wage of women. Certain factors were not taken into play such as the type of jobs the people had, or the amount of vacations taken and anything that might impact the salary of a person. Statistically, men go into more higher paying jobs than women do, and if companies could pay women less, than all men would be out of a job because hiring more women would mean an increase in profit. For these two reasons, I believe that you argument is invalid.

      Thanks for your writing.

  • Hi Lily,
    I really enjoyed reading this. I have always wanted to try meditation as someone who has a lot of stress and doesn’t know how to cope with it. I just don’t have the time to dedicate towards it. Hopefully I can manage to get this time in because it seems like it would be beneficial.

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    Hi Janyah, thank you for posting this. Its a good reminded that what others think of you doesn’t define you.

  • Hi Montana, This was really interesting to read. I’ve heard about the “texting claw” and I’ve heard about the spine issues. I have never heard that if you lean your ha forward to look at your phone you are putting 60 pounds of stress on your neck. That’s crazy! reading this made me want to limit my phone use. Thank you, now I’m more aware of the…[Read more]

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