• Zach, I fully agree with your post. I think we’ve become slaves to the modern consumerism and we would fail as a society without it, like a drug. Think of it like a leach that if it gets too big it will kill you if you take it off, technology has become so prevalent to every individual that we couldn’t function without it. I also agree we have to…[Read more]

  • Mason I really enjoy this post. I was thinking about this and i came across this article by Debate.org(http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-you-trust-the-government), a heavy leftist source and it follows the same ideals as this post but Ive noticed some possible flaws. First I want to address the fact the I think untrustworthy has been mistaken…[Read more]

  • How is intended obsolescence contributing to the increased laziness and lack of individual thought in today’s society?  An will it effect our environment as a whole?

    Technology has seem to almost overcome

    • Hey PJ,
      This is a very interesting post. I, much like everyone else on this forum, am a teenager as well. I am pretty addicted to my phone and cannot get off it sometimes. As surprising as it may seem, however, I am not as bad as some of my friends. What I want to know is why is playing on your phone SO addicting? Why are we drawn to it and why our younger generation?

    • This is a really interesting post, PJ. As a teenager, I can say that my phone has become a part of me, and when I don’t have it it almost makes me anxious. There is an article by CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/03/health/teens-cell-phone-addiction-parents/index.html) about how 50% of teenagers in a poll said that they were addicted to their phones, and I highly recommend you give it a read because it is extremely interesting. That said, it is also pretty scary to think about how despite the fact that smart phones have only been in existence since the early 2000’s, it has already become such a huge part of our world. I’ll look forward to your next post.

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    Christopher, i can tell there is a lot of emotion coming from this post , and if you list times of racism or discrimination i will happily fight them with you but it’s such a problem when people claim victimhood but never prove it. i need to know specifically if you want others help. statistically speaking african americans have a higher chance of…[Read more]

  • Ellie, personally i love trump he is doing great things for our country, for example strengthening our alliance with china or taking out the ISIS strong hold, etc. i think the problem in america right now is left refusing to cooperate, some so ignorant they created a group to fight a problem that hasn’t even happened.its saddening to me how some…[Read more]

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    “When is a train most free? Is it when it goes bouncing across the field off the track? No. It is free only when it is confined to the track. Then it runs smoothly and efficiently, because that was the way that i

  • Melissa, as a Utah citizen myself I definitely see what your saying, and Im always a sucker for hard facts and statics so no argument there. I did however wonder why the large influx of Tongan background people. The mormon concentrations is quite high here, you cant turn your head without seeing a mormon chapel. I myself am not mormon but it has…[Read more]

  • Anthony, I did a post on stress not too long ago so I can understand your perspective on this topic. you say not thinking is a factor to why you make a bad decision but why don’t you think, is there a scientific reason or emotional, what is it? when I talked about stress i mentioned stress of failing so I totally agree with your comment on taking…[Read more]

  • Communities such as salt lake city are made up of distinct people; students, businessmen, workers, artists, religious figures are just some of the groups in a community. Sometimes communities can be apart of

    • PJ, I am a firm believer that you are molded by the people you are around and that is fully determined by the communities you are involved in. This is important because the people you are around are the personalities you will develop with and will in turn affect your own personality and values as a person. People tend to mold like the people they are around because they build connections with these people which makes them create similar thoughts and traits. This is something that has affected humans since we came into existence and it will continue to as long as communities stick together.

  • Matthew, I really like this article and how it talked about the dangers of the internet. the internet is a good place it just can be corrupt sometimes. http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/4-dangers-internet#1, this will help give some more insight into your issue with the internet. i also think you could talk about what its doing to our minds…[Read more]

  • Rim, i find you research very interesting especially as a white conservative male. the problem Im seeing today is how out of perspective everything is especially with racial violence. for instance white people are being called white privileged or racist just because they are white and isnt that racist in and of itself? this article,…[Read more]

  • Hi William,
    I play rugby for a club team in Utah and i find it a great way to bond with team mates and overall its a really safe and fun sport. I agree rugby should be included as a high school sport its a great way to meet new people and build character. if football is allowed rugby should be as well. As you stated above you should focus on all…[Read more]

  • Dear Hector,
    You mentioned how . “… can also affect people in their brains and immune system and other kinds of ways that drugs can affect you.” and I agree with what you said about how drugs have different consequences for different people. The statistics in your post shocked me such as how 4% of pregnant women engage in drug use. I think tha…[Read more]

  • I chose my personal questions, “what causes all my stress?”. The reason I chose this is because the past three years of my life have been lived on at least three hours of homework a night and four hours of sle

    • I am interested in this post because I myself am a High School student and although I get more sleep than this person does, I do struggle with stress in High School due to the willingness to succeed.

    • PJ,

      I am satisfied with your post because I can relate to this . I feel like a lot of students do suffer from depression just by going to school. Stress plays a big factor in lots of teens lives. One things that stands out for me is when you said ” This stress causes almost all the rest of my problems in my life currently, whether that be bad health or mental health, or poor grades, which I somehow manage to maintain grades, or even a poor social life. ” This interests me because while others fall behind on school with school being what they’re stressing about , you manage to maintain good grades regardless of your personal problems.



    • Dear Pj,
      I’m interested in your post because I can relate to this. One thing that you said that stood out to me was, “ This stress causes almost all the rest of my problems in my life currently, whether that be bad health or mental health, or poor grades, which I somehow manage to maintain grades, or even a poor social life. The only real facts I know about this stress is that school is the main cause and it causes an imbalance in my physical and mental states.” Your post relates to me because I stay up doing homework on a daily basis and it lacks my attention for a social life. I also relate to this because it’s hard to balance getting good grades and having a mental and physical ability if all I do is study every night. Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next.
      Eryn Pinkney

    • Dear Pj,
      I am interested in your post because I could relate to what you say. I’m also a high school student and I stress about school most of the time. One thing that stands out for me is, “The reason I chose this is because the past three years of my life have been lived on at least three hours of homework a night and four hours of sleep barely able to function throughout the day.” I think this is interesting because teenagers are barely getting any sleep just because their up all night cause of school doing homework and that’s one of the things that causes all of the stress.

    • I was very interested in your article because I struggle with the majority of these issues. Also something that I relate to is that we as students struggle to maintain our grades or the amount of sleep that we get. As high school students there are some students that do work due to economical issues or in order to help their parents. Me as a student who also works struggles to sometimes maintain my grades or do homework and at the same time get the amount of hours of sleep in order to be able to manage to concentrate in school.

    • I am very interested into your article because I have many personal connections to this. I struggle with stress and lack of sleep so much because I do strive to become successful and do not want to have failure in my life.

    • Dear Pj,
      I relate on many different levels on how you feel about the relationship between school and stress. My close friends are in sports and many are suffering from lack of sleep or a poor social life, not just with friends but with family as well. When you said “I want to know the hard facts about stress in teens and how it affects us mentally and physically. I want to know what’s the leading factor of this stress. Also how can you prevent it from happening to you or others. How can you tell if someone is experiencing this stress?” I believe it all depends on how a persons character is shape to know how they are stressed. I would also like to know how can we help our generation or the next improve in this area we now deal with.

    • Dear PJ,
      i am interested in this post because I can relate to this as a high school student myself. I often get less sleep than you do just cause i have a busy schedule. Stress is a big factor in why teens start to act up, not only in school but their personal life. one thing that stands out for me is when you said, “his stress causes almost all the rest of my problems in my life currently, whether that be bad health or mental health, or poor grades, which I somehow manage to maintain grades, or even a poor social life.” This interests me because this is something that happens with students throughout the year. It’s also interesting to know that you can realize why your grades are poor and how stress has a toll on you.

    • Interesting comment, PJ. I have also felt the pressure coming from school, parents, and activities. I also feel that “stress causes almost all of my problems in my life currently.” Itoday’s world, many teens are facing intense amounts of stress, and find I hard to deal with, which leads to many health problem, as you stated. These two articles will give you more insight of how to deal with stress: https://www.apa.org/helpcenter/stress-teens.aspx and http://fosteringresilience.com/what_is_stress.php. I feel that stress is bad in high increments, so take frequent breaks and allow yourself to rest instead of persistent stressing. I appreciate you writing so thoughtfully about a personal issue, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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