• Dear Kenya,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my first post. I am glad you liked it and hope to read some of your writing soon.

  • Open your eyesAnd see the California WildfiresThat took over 100 people and 20,000 buildingsWhere people are still recovering Open your eyesThe Parkland shooter that killed 17 studentsAnd lead to 23 school

    • I like the art where you say open your eyes because it gives the reader to see what they are going to see. I think your poem might be better if you try to use similes and metaphors to make your poem better. But I like your poem its looks good.

    • Dear Piper, I am fascinated by your poem. To me, the main message of your poem is all the bad things that are happening right now and how we should realize it. I think this because you pointed out a lot of events that has happened recently. I like how you use the literary device of anaphora with “Open your eyes”. Using that literary device made me understand your poem better. Thank you for your poem, I would love to see more of your poems, and your writing about unfortunate events that happen in the world.

    • Dear Piper,
      I am am very happy that I got the opportunity to read your poem ¨Open Your Eyes¨ because it is truly inspiring and the topics that you mentioned were very powerful. To me the main message of your poem is that people in our society and communities have to become woke about these world wide issues that people face everyday and that it’s absolutely time to do something about these harmful events. I know this because of the way that you continually repeated the phrase ¨Open Your Eyes¨. This phrase instantly made me think about realizing the harm that’s caused and that we have to fight against it, It was truly and eyes opener not only to me but other people who will read your poem. I really liked how you used the literary device of anaphora because the way you repeated phrases made you poem sound and flow really good. Also, by using this device you made your poem very engaging for your reader. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next. Keep making more beautiful poems you are truly a very inspiring writer with a strong gift of writing!

      • Dear Kenya,
        Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my first post. I am glad you liked it and hope to read some of your writing soon.

    • Dear Piper,
      I was very excited to read your poem because i am into poetry kind of like a hobby. I liked how you talked about real life issues like the wildfires and school shootings in 2018, it sort of mae]de your poem serious. You also used a form of literacy writing called “Anaphora” which means that you repeated the word “open your eyes” which made your poem pop. I also like hoe you talked about the government shutdown and how it impacted the government’s pay. Something that also have your poem interesting is you talked about R Kelly and how he molested thousands of women. One last thing that made your poem interesting is how you talked about a shooting at the park that injured multiple people. You poem was very interesting in many ways, and I am glad that I have read it.

    • Dearest Piper,
      I appreciate how your poem uses 3 words repetitively to signal the things happening in our world recently. It was really telling that you put much care and depth into this poem of yours and how you didn’t just put the big bad stuff thats happened into your poem but also the decent and good things that happened just to show that the world isn’t the worst place to be in recent years. Overall, your poem is very great in the fact how it just tells the people that good and bad things are happening in the world and how people should see all of them.

    • Dear Piper,

      First of all, WOW your poem, was really good. The part i liked or that stood out to me the most is the part of the #MeToo movement because women should be respected and your publication will now make more and more people aware of all of these topics. For sure this post brought awareness because here I am commenting. And that is what I perceived this poems message to be a form of bringing awareness to certain topics and to make people woke about realtry and you show that by the title, ¨Open Your Eyes¨. Your poem reminds me about a poem I once wrote and like mine, I love the use of repetition because it is a way to make your point visible. Since this seems to be your first post on my end, I encourage you to keep writing because tice piece of art was great. Good job.

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    Dear Christina

    Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. Your poem shows how something goo can come out of anything

    I really liked how you put a lot of emotion and thought into your poem

    Your poem is a really good interpretation of Romeo and Juliet.

    Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.


  • Dear Piper

    Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “Some deny me as if I was a stranger looking for shelter” because it really shows how someone can feel when they can’t express themselves.

    I really liked your poem it shows how your freedom can be taken away by a religion or what someone believes in.

    Your poem…[Read more]

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