• Our desire to seek privacy online has often
    led to the discovery of new tools. Walking on the path to privacy may sound
    obvious, but the standard is yet not defined.

    Many people still consider Tor to be

    • Hi Phill,
      I found this article very interesting. I already knew about TOR and other similar browsers, but wasn’t sure about how they worked or their intricacies. I thought it was cool how the TOR browser is built onto Firefox– I didn’t know that. I also found it interesting how you said not to use browser plugins or open downloads while TOR is open. What’s the reasoning behind this and why does it sacrifice my security? In the future I don’t think I’ll use TOR, and instead use a VPN, as it seems a VPN would be much more convenient for my needs. Thanks!

  • Are you far away from your grandchildren and often want to
    hit them up on social networking sites? Do you feel less confident in
    understanding the ways to protect from online scams? Or have you ever

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