• Ragtime takes place during the biggest boost of immigration in American history. There were many polarizing opinions and laws put in that shaped the immigration system in America. We still have many of these laws

  • Lillian,

    It is very clear in this paper that you know did your research into the topic and found the key points that American Creed comes down to, which I find is very informative and easier to understand from the reader’s perspective. What you mentioned about diversity echoes a lot of what I also mentioned in my paper, that diversity needs to be…[Read more]

  • Diversity has existed in America since its inception. America is the land of “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”(Lazarus), the land of opportunity for those in need of refuge. This has led to a v

    • Hey Jack,
      I like that you started off by talking about how America is a very diverse country, and that even if diversity could be a good thing it can still have a negative impact on the country. In your last paragraph the connection you make to individual’s values and to the diversity of America and meeting in the middle really makes me think can someone accept another person’s values or are we all so different that maybe that’s another reason why diversity is not always a good thing?

  • Hey Tori, your description of your anxiety was very striking and is very helpful for those who don’t feel anxiety at this degree. When it comes to whether or not it is a mental illness, what I feel separates anxiety from anxiety disorder is feelings, as you described, in situations where the feeling is not provoked by surroundings. Have you gone/…[Read more]

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