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  • I agree and support this blog post because I also think that the power of language stems from communication. Language creating relationships is a common I see throughout our everyday world. I like how you mentioned that even the deaf and blind have a way to communicate with others because it shows how strong the power of language is.

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    Language and Relationships

    The power of language is the most important factor in today’s society. There are a wide variety of forms of language prevalent throughout the world: oral language, written language, and body language. Individuals express their ideas and feelings using...

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  • I really enjoyed reading this blog post because I could highly relate to it as another girl who plays an intense sport. I have seen stereotypes affect confidence, especially mine, because it is a constant pressure put on us by society. I also really liked the part where you talked about how women can empower one another through. I think we should…Read More

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    Empathy in Celebrity Relationships

    Through my relationships over the years, I have learned that the presence of empathy is very important. Relationships are everything. To relate is to be connected. The aspect of empathy will help to create more fulfilling and sustainable bonds....

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    • Peyton, I agree with how you said that empathy is the key to creating meaningful relationships. I really like the quotes that you used because they add to your argument and give relevant information to the reader. I also agree with your specific example about celebrities receiving a single story in the media. It is difficult for celebrities to overcome this single story because they are in the public-eye; however, we need to give them empathy for them to be able to do this.

    • Peyton, I liked that you used the example of Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s relationship to describe the need for empathy. It is important for us to understand that we can not judge individuals based off of a single story we have been told. Showing empathy for Bryce’s relationship will decrease the judgement we have and increase understanding that we do not have the entire story. Overall, I thought your depiction on empathy is a good message for the need of it in everyday relationships.

    • Peyton, very interesting to read and a unique example of the importance of empathy. I think, for me, the best synopsis of the point you were trying to make is your last sentence, nicely done. I agree with how harmful and toxic it can be to be lacking empathy in a relationship. Whether it is from your partner or others relationships are definitely one of the areas where empathy needs to be prominent.



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