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    I really like how you related music to social issues. You also showed how music relates to personal aspects of one’s life. Music contributes to style and a level of comfort. Many people use it as a form of language or inspiration. I relate to this because before a softball game, I use music to get me energized and gain a sense of confidence.

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    Education Reform

    Education reform is an important aspect in our world today. Its main goal is to change public education in terms of educational theory and practice, and therefore, enhance it. Education reform focuses on the output of student success and...

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    • Peyton, I liked your article about education reform. I found it very interesting when you said, “ only 37% of the curriculum in school is used in everyday life, and that the rest of the information is forgotten and never used” and “ subjects that power a sense of innovation and lead to new ideas are needed.” I was very surprised to find out that such a small percentage of what we learn in school is seen as useful in everyday life. In addition, I liked how you said that new subjects need to be added and a possible solution to that is the STEM program.

    • Peyton,

      I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and research in education reform. I totally agree with your fact that, “ on average, only 37% of the curriculum in school is used in everyday life, and that the rest of the information is forgotten and never used” which needs to be changed. I also believe that incorporating STEM into our daily educational lives is important. We need more hands on learning and overall become more in depth with STEM and its aspects. Overall, I liked how you provided information and your own thoughts to tie it all together.

    • Peyton,
      I really liked your post! I think that it was very interesting that “he believed that 90% of what they teach their students will never be used in their lives and they are wasting their time.” I thought this was so interesting because this is coming from a teacher’s perspective. I also think that this becomes more true the older a student gets. I believe that younger kids should learn about all the subjects in order to find out what they are most interested in. However, I feel like if one student wants to go into a heavily English focused career, they should not be forced to study science in depth. I also think this would lead to more students enjoying school and would give opportunities to teach life skills to students. For example, many students do not know how to write a check or cook basic meals.

    • Peyton, I think your article is super interesting. It is something that should be brought up more in schools. I agree when you said that we should “enhance” it and that most of the information students end up learning is later forgotten. I also enjoyed how you brought up an alternative way for students to learn. STEM learning is known to be more effective, but there should also be another form of leaning for students interested in art. Your article was easy to follow as well. Great job!

    • Hi Peyton! I thought your article was extremely interesting. The fact that only 37% of the curriculum that we see in school is seen in our everyday lives. This is interesting because in class I feel that it was always common that a student asked when we would ever use what we were learning in real life. The teacher that gets asked the question always seems to get upset, but you just proved the validity of that point. I believe that if we see a change in our education system, students will be more willing to learn and remember material rather than just memorizing the information for the test and then forgetting about it.

  • I agree with this article because it shows the insensitivity of our society when it comes to certain aspects, especially offensive names within sports. I like how you mentioned that it is not just only a problem with the national football league but in other leagues as well.

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    Although the outcomes of competitions can be rewarding, they are ultimately detrimental to competitors due to the amount of stress caused by trying to be superior to their opponents. Competition is personally arduous because it is not only unhealthy...

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    • It’s Crazy to think that trying to be the best, at something can Cause stress, which can lead to great strain on your body. Although it may seem friendly, it can be challenging, and break relationships. I appreciate how you do your work, and state that your parents expect the same from both you, and your sister due to their expectations.

    • Peyton, This was a very interesting and compelling read. It really added to the content that you used personal examples. The connections from your personal examples to the point(s) that you made really made your message clear to the reader. I also enjoyed the topic choice and thought that your writing on it was concise and thought-provoking.

    • Dear Peyton,

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post “Competition”. It was fascinating to understand that having a competitive nature can be a beneficial or determinantal impact on a person’s health. I liked how you explained this as “Unhealthy and Healthy Competitions” hence depending upon how severe and what someone is being competitive about can evidently cause a negative or positive impact.

      I”ve also had this endless competition with my brother and as an athlete participating in team sports for my school. I’ve always wanted to outshine my peers around me, including my brother. I would cause myself to be stressed out if I wasn’t outdoing those around me. Except by having this mental mindset would develop consequences and unhealthy competitions, as you mentioned “for the glory of the competition”. It’s important to be aware of these unhealthy and healthy competitions as a desire of being the best. I enjoyed reading this post, and I look forward to seeing what you will write next.

    • Dear Peyton,

      I am very intrigued by your post because, as someone who experiences competition daily in my life, I feel as though your points are extremely valid and should be spoken about more often. Competition is often seen as something positive that promotes growth, but it can often be detrimental to the health of the youth.

      One thing you said that stands out to me is that “high school students are tasked with the ultimate challenge, trying to achieve sufficient grades while maintaining a social life filled with extracurricular activities” because I feel as though people, especially students or people in the workforce, are held to such high standards that they fail to enjoy the task at hand, whether it be learning or working. I think this sad because people are forced to complete things that they fail to enjoy simply because they are overwhelmed with the high expectations set for them.

      Your post actually reminds me of my own experiences. My parents often compare me to my sisters and others around me. They push me to be my best, and, while I’m grateful for this, I am often overwhelmed by the amount of effort I feel as though I have to put in. This causes me to try to be perfect at most things, resulting in stress.

      Thank you for your post, and I look forward to reading what you write next because I feel as though you consistently focus on topics that are relevant to the times and need to be thoroughly considered.

    • Peyton, as I was reading your blog I was really able to process the amount of people (especially high schoolers) affected by competition. I felt a sense of relief just by how you explained comparisons which has helped me to understand that I am not the only one. One specific part of your blog that stood out to me was, “I know that my parents’ expectations are well intended, and the results of my competitive nature show academically; however, the amount of stress I am put under is unhealthy, not only to my mind but consequently to my body.” because it brought me to a realization that what I have been listening to is right but sometimes it is not always the healthiest choice for myself personally. I believe that one thing you could improve on is your concluding paragraph. It was very well written but I think you could be able to add a stronger starting sentence and finish it on from there. Other than that, this blog was incredible and eye opening especially for a high schooler.

      Thank you!

  • I agree and support this blog post because I also think that the power of language stems from communication. Language creating relationships is a common I see throughout our everyday world. I like how you mentioned that even the deaf and blind have a way to communicate with others because it shows how strong the power of language is.

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