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Is Corona-Virus Harming The Restaurant Industry?

For the best several weeks, Corona Virus has impacted almost every space of our daily lives. Whether you want to go buy groceries at the supermarket, or walk around the mall with a group of friends, the entirety of what we would call our “normal lives” has been changed. Due to the panic, the vast majority of public places have […]

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Outright banning guns won’t work. What will?

In today’s day and age, the topic of gun safety is commonly discussed. The increasing amount of violence, and specifically mass shootings, has called for some to pose the idea of gun control. Gun control is a system where the government would confiscate automatic to semi automatic weapons, as well as strictly enforcing who can or cannot possess a gun. […]

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Is Abortion Ethical?

For years, the topic of abortion has been debated among the members of the political parties. Oftentimes, the question on whether it is ethical or not comes up, especially regarding if the fetus is or is not a life. Some say life begins at conception, while others would argue that life does not begin until natural birth. No matter where […]

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Internet Censorship

In today’s day and age, censorship is being far too common. We like to boast about our freedom of speech, but oftentimes major companies or groups try to silence freedom of speech if it doesn’t line up with their agenda or viewpoints. With the growing popularity of the internet, we tend to see censorship through the eyes of social media. […]

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Hate Speech in Today’s Society

Throughout the history of America, we have seen many different forms of prejudice. Whether you’re talking about the Racism during the civil war and civil righs movements, or the sexism thrown toward the suffergettes, our country has had its fair share of discrimination. Unfortunately there is still a large amount of prejudice in our country today. Despite many of these […]

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