• PeterL

Hey Sebastian, I'm a student from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Utah. I came across your article, and found it to be very interesting. I fully agree with the idea that in the modern world it's difficult for somebody to say they're proud to be an American. I...

Hey Aria, nice article highlighting the benefits and downsides to online learning. It was interesting to see a bunch of these examples laid out in front of us. I especially liked when you talked about how we can either get up early to do our work, or we can...

Hi Luis. My name is Peter, I'm a student at Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Utah. I was curious as to why you believe a lot of the things you do in your post. You present your ideas, but you don't exactly go into the specifics of why...

Hey Elliot, I like your points you brought up about how we shouldn't mess with the planet because of the repercussions it could have on humanity. According to CFR the main reason Trump pulled out of the agreement was to stimulate the US economy (Despite this not being a...

Is Abortion Ethical? View Comment
  • @PeterL
  • December 10, 2019

Hi Natalie, I really appreciate this comment. I'm glad that I got a neutral response from somebody with a differing opinion, rather than somebody who has a strong opinion on either side. I know that as a male I may not have the ability to understand all the factors...

What does “America” mean? View Comment
  • @PeterL
  • December 6, 2019

Nice article, however I think without the people, there is no America. Men and women built this country back over 200 years ago, and we have continues to thrive as a country ever since. I think you would like this article that explains what it is to be an...

We Need Diversity Of Thought View Comment
  • @PeterL
  • December 6, 2019

Hey coop, great article. I like how to took more of a factual approach to the problem, rather than choosing to pick a political side. I think you would like this article by the New York Time that illustrates this problem. Have a great day!

Charter Schools View Comment
  • @PeterL
  • November 22, 2019

My name is Peter Larrabee, and I got to Judge Memorial Catholic High School. I really enjoy the points that are brought up supporting Charter Schools. They are, in a lot of ways, superior to that of a public school. There were also good points brought up about how...

I agree with your stances about writing and music, and overall like the points you bring up. While often not viewed as such, music is just as much a language as it is an art. Both music and writing are similar in the sense that the writing or music...

Great article which presented a lot of facts, and overall didn't let bias or opinions lead the article. It was a good choice to include your opinion at the end, but not to let it drive the narrative of where the article was going. I feel that the issue...

Why Gun Control Won’t Work View Comment
  • @PeterL
  • November 4, 2019

Nice arguments brought up, and some good examples were presented as well. One point that I think should have been brought up would be how all federally licensed gun dealers must run background checks on every buyer. Despite this, and a few grammatical mistakes, this is a good article...

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