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    Hey Luis, I totally agree with your sentiment that during the roaring 20’s women’s ideology completely changed as an entire society. With more creativity stemming from women mind, our society greatly benefits. An interesting article that tracks the history of feminist movements is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminist_movements_and_ideologies

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    Hey Kaya, I totally agree with your take on lack of sleep causing lots of problems for students. If we students do not get enough sleep, their entire day can be affected. From their mood, to their ability to study. With increasing responsibilities for students it is harder and harder to get a full night of sleep. The tips you gave for getting more…[Read more]

  • Currently in congress there is a bill that would allow states to set their own policies on the legalization of marijuana. This bill is the most sweeping marijuana bill ever, meaning the outlook on the federal

  • Hey Joan, I appreciate your concern with violent video games and the effect it has on our youth, because it is a new issue that we are just beginning to deal with. However before you make the claim that violent video games have led to the increase in school shootings I think you should understand some important facts. Violent video games are…[Read more]

  • Hi Kaila, I appreciate you writing this article as this is something that effects us at our own school. I like how you stated the positives of drug testing such as identifying the scale of the issue and getting those that need help the help they need. However I really agree with your concessive clauses that talk about how drug testing only creates…[Read more]

  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the facts still show that people with a college degree and a high education, on average find better paying jobs than those with less education. Although a degree is

  • An article that cleared up my understanding of the controversies in paying college athletes is https://www.theperspective.com/debates/sports/college-athletes-get-paid/.

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    Hey Dawry, I have also written a discussion on the impact of video games of youth violence. I agree with your statement that not always do violent video games lead to violent behavior. In the discussion I wrote I found this article very helpful In understanding the correlation between games and a child behavioral.…[Read more]

  • Sam, I agree with this article you wrote. I agree that if we pay athletes there is a risk of the love of the game going away. However you make another good point in that some of these athletes are professional-level athletes who should be getting payed to play a dangerous sport.

  • Psychology Today writes about the American Psychiatric Association (APA) who published a report in 2015, stating that “playing violent video games leads to more aggressive moods and behaviors and detracts from t

    • Hi peter,
      I enjoyed your use of studies that suggest that violent videogames can cause violence and was able to counter the research by stating that the studies are only of American children and that violence is only seeming to increase in America and not elsewhere where violent video games are played. it also seems that The media in the US seems to be focusing more on any and all types of violence and has contributed to the seemingly large increase in violence in America. There are also studies that show that videogames in general can cause people to become angry and frustrated when they don’t win which most people can relate with and have experienced before. Even so most people will just become frustrated and stop playing not projecting that violence/frustration outside the game. It seems that the news articles that suggest that violent videogames cause violence are completely off base and are just relating normal frustration to being ‘violent behavior’ caused by violent videogames. Do you think that normal frustration could be described as violence and is that ‘violence’ actually causing disturbances in the real world?

    • Hi peter, your post is good
      I think the video game is not the reason of making people be violated. 70 years ago, there is no video game but the WW2 still happen. I think the most important thing to do is to let parent make a good guide for their children. Because he can still play it when he is an adult. So it’s important to help children develop a good habit.
      Here is some sources maybe helpful to you:

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