• In reality, American means that you are part of a country with lots of different lifestyles and backgrounds. The photography series “The Way North” by Damien Cave and Todd Heisler helps show this cha

    • Peter, I really like this essay. When you quote Kanwal Mehmud and his statement that “Pakistan is all Pakistanis” but here in America we have so many different cultures in just one neighborhood. I think that you would enjoy the link at the bottom; it’s very interesting to look at after reading your post. It really puts your main idea in perspective.


    • I genuinely like what you have to say here until you get to saying that property boundaries are stopping Native Americans from practicing traditions. I think that this is too easy of an answer to a complex issue that cannot simply be resolved by just opening up the flood gates. We have had a long history of people abusing systems, specifically the first Amendment’s right to free religion which has allowed for people to open tax-free mega churches and abuse state laws that stop the selling of certain drugs because “its my religion,” so I don’t think that we could give power like that away. This would really allow for people to have too much power over others and I don’t think that this would be a good solution. That being said, I really liked the next section that you wrote.

    • America is hard working, America have all different culture were you get a little bit of knowledge of culture even if you don’t realize it. America is history because we are very diverse in all culture. We are very innovative and all culture in America help with this. I advise you to check out my website i talk a lot about Immigration. https://wordpress.com/stats/day/22chichad95.wordpress.com

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