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    The stress of High School !

    In the article, “High School stress ” (McGraw Hill) i learn that student have been going through so much stress because of all the work that teachers give them or how they manage to get good grades. how finals...

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    Dear Fernando,

    i would say that i agree on your post, ” High School Stress”, The reason why i agree with you would be because have been struggling to stay on their grades and still need to do stuff at home making them have even more weight on their back.

    one sentence that stood out to me would be “This is true since stress can cause you to…Read More

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    Dear Monica,
    I agree with your post, “Positive Comments”, because I agree that no one should receive any type of hate comment. everyone should learn how to see every person with no negative thoughts on the other person.

    one sentence that stood out to me was, “ But it is unfair that people have to be paying for good comments. People also hav…Read More

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    what does the internet do your mindset ?

    In the article , ¨what does too much screen time do to children brains?¨i have learned that the kids mindset can be affected by the internet and can be the cause of behavioral, social anxiety, eye vision, mentally and...

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  • Dear Isabella,

    I would say that i’m amazed by your posted, ¨What does Too MUch Screen Time Do to Childrenś Brains?¨ because it give us a good explain on what’s happening to your children brain while watch videos or playing video games.

    one sentence that really stood out to me would be , ¨Childhood obesity can lead to other health problems lat…Read More

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