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    Lily, I really liked this post. I thought doing a video was a good idea, and a unique way to get your point across. You portrayed your view, as well as other people’s, which isn’t something anyone else did. However, I do think a summary of the video would be a good idea for people who cannot watch it. Other than that, this is awesome!

  • I thought this was super meaningful. Healthcare workers have been taking on unimaginable burdens, especially with the death and destruction COVID has caused. I really liked how you said, “Courage is what puts these people in the habitual room to work with a patient.” I also want to be a doctor, and I think that this poem is incredibly moving, and…Read More

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    I think this post was very well worded. It didn’t take away from the tragedy of 9/11 but still examined the consequences of what happened after it. I do think that killing Bin laden and taking out Al-Qaeda was a good thing, but after that, our stay in Afghanistan didn’t have a set reason. Hundreds of innocent people died in a war that had no…Read More

  • I agree that texting and driving is super dangerous. One thing you said that really sticks out to me is “If you are on your phone while driving you are not only putting your own life at risk but other people’s lives as well.” That statement is very true, and just shows how risky it is. If you are texting and driving, there is a chance that you c…Read More

  • I thought this was a super interesting article, and I agree with the idea that schools should not have control over a student’s social media. Social media has the option to be private for a reason, and what a student does outside of school should not be the school’s business. Forcing students to let the schools see/take control of students’ social…Read More

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